Friday, September 4, 2015

Surprise! I Have an Announcement!

Hi y'all & Happy Friday!!  Sooo I've been a little MIA lately & for good reason!  No, not a new baby on board!

I've been working on a little somethin' somethin'... An Etsy shop - The Fancy Yancey Shop!  I am currently selling burlap banners of all sorts... Name banners for birthdays, baby or bridal showers, pictures, etc. You'll also find a variety of banners for weddings & engagements as well as seasonal banners!  Currently there are some Fall & Halloween themed banners in the shop ready to be shipped!  But, keep checking in as I'll be adding more banners as the seasons change & of course am accepting custom orders as well!

You can find direct links to the shop at the top right corner of the blog & over to the right in the side bar!

Business card design by Wonderland Design

So, I hope you will stop by & find something you can't live without!  Have your heart set on something & don't see it?  Message me & we'll make it come to life!

I hope y'all have a great, long weekend & happy shopping!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jack's 6 Month Pictures

The first of August we had Jack's 6 month pictures done.  I'm not sure how it works out that it's either really cold or really hot when we take pictures but, it is.  And looking ahead to his 1 year pictures it's probably going to be cold - sorry kid!  Regardless of the heat & us dripping sweat the moment we stepped out of the truck, I am so happy with how they turned out!  They capture our precious boy perfectly - his smile, his laugh & those to-die-for blue eyes!  One picture in particular - Jack in the rocking chair - I had my heart set on.  I envisioned Him in his baptism Jon Jon, sitting in the rocking chair out in the open with the sun setting behind him.  This picture is extra special because the rocking chair was mine as a little girl... Chelsea & Anna were able to capture this picture perfectly for us!!  So enough talking, here's some of our favorites from Jack's 6 month shoot!

And my heart melts!!

Pictures - A & C Photography // All pictures posted here are the property of The Fancy Yancey and may not be used unless authorized by the owner of this blog.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Homemade Stromboli - A Recipe

One of our favorite meals in the Yancey house is Stromboli!  My Mom made it often for us growing up and it's easily transitioned into a staple in our home.  It's fairly quick, easy & makes a minimal mess - how much better could it get!?


1 Pillsbury French Loaf roll
1 8 oz can of Tomato Sauce
Parmesan cheese - grated
Mozzarella cheese - grated
Ground meat
Italian Seasoning/s
3 Garlic Cloves

1. Brown the ground meat and add in the Italian seasonings (enough to cover the meat) & 2 Garlic Cloves.  While the ground meat is browning pre-heat the oven to the suggested temperature on the French Loaf roll.  Also, mix the tomato sauce with Italian seasoning (enough to cover the top in your mixing bowl) & 1 garlic clove.

2. Once the ground meat is brown start laying out the french loaf.  Note: Leave the french loaf in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it so that it will be easier to manuver.  If there are holes within the dough kneed the dough together to close the holes.

3. After the French Loaf dough is laid out begin adding your ingredients down the center of the French Loaf.  Be sure to add only half of each ingredient.

4. Once you have all the ingredients placed in the center carefully pull one side of the French Loaf over the ingredients so it is covered.

Then, add the remaining ingredients like you did in step 3 and pull the other side of the dough over the top.  Roll the ends of the dough up so the French Loaf is "closed".

Bake the Stromboli as the French Loaf instructions say or until the loaf is golden brown.


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