Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby Yancey - 19/20 Week Bumpdate

Yes, I'm skipping a week... sort of.  A couple weeks ago when we went for our big anatomy scan, my Dr. moved up my due date to January 30th.  {It was February 3rd}  I really didn't think much of it being moved up a few days, I mean really do we really know when he's going to make His arrival??  Well, yeah... turns out it makes a difference.  So much of a difference that it moves my pregnancy up a whole week!  So, technically we're covering week 20... & Celebrating that we're officially half way through!!!

How far along:  19 20 Weeks

Baby Size:  The size of a large banana.  About 6.5 inches long & a little over 10 oz.

Weight Gain:
  I'll say 6 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:  Somewhat... I can still fit into some of my regular clothes but, they're getting a little more snug with each day that passes.  I am so thankful for maternity leggings though & can't wait for my skinny jeans to come in!!  {In what life am I excited about wearing maternity clothes!?}

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  I think I've found some small ones on the ta-ta's but, nothing too bad!

Sleep:  Descent but, I guess I get into such a deep sleep that my arms start falling asleep & it wakes me up.  So, I toss & turn quite a bit.

Exercise:  Nada!

Food Cravings or Aversions:  Major sweet tooth cravings & cereal!  Last night we Matt made skinny meatloaf for dinner & while I was fixing the mashed potatoes I thought I was going to lose it smelling the meatloaf.  Woof!  I don't know what it was but, it just didn't smell good.  So, I had cereal for dinner instead.  HA!

Gender:  BOY!  Jack Jack!!

Movement:  Yes!  The little nugget is certainly moving & I think just in the last couple of days I can feel him from the outside... Hoping I can catch him soon so Matt can feel.  But, everything I read says that will probably come in the next couple of weeks - anyone remember when this happened for them?

Symptoms:  I don't want to jinx myself but, I think the headaches may have subsided!?  Did have 1 nose bleed earlier this week but, nothing else major... except a growing belly!

Labor Signs:  No, no, no!

Belly button in or out:  In

Wedding rings on or off:  On

Mood:  I would say overall good.  If you asked Tuesday though I would have said highly irritable!  I don't know what was wrong with me but, I just wasn't in the mood for anything that day.

Nursery:  It is officially cleaned out & only baby items are taking up space!!  We have ordered the crib & mattress & some of the bedding too!  I just cannot wait for all of that to arrive!!

What I miss:  Fall beers... I realize that probably sounds bad, especially 2 weeks in a row but, y'all it is that time of year & I just want a pumpkin beer darn it!!

Best moment this week:  Finding out I'm a week ahead in my pregnancy than what I thought!!  Boo-ya!!

What I'm looking forward to:  Nursery furniture arriving & starting to buy decorations for his room!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Rundown!

Say whaaat!?  I'm posting something other than a bumpdate!?  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you... I'm hoping to get back here more often with more than just bumpdates.  However, with that said... this is a life style blog & right now our life (at least every thought of mine) is pretty consumed with all things baby.

Onto the weekend...

This was the first weekend that we had that there were no house projects that had to be done, sleeping that was needed in the middle of the day... we could do whatever we want!  Matt was a super husband & went to a few stores with me to find some maternity pants & leggings.  Thankfully we found leggings & jeans - whoop whoop!!
If you saw this in Insta then you already know... Saturday it took me way too long to get dressed.  Sunday was a much better experience with the right clothes!

After, It was off to lunch to eat some of our favorite nachos in town at Bar Louie!  Super odd place for nachos but, they're perfectly spicy & just oh-so-good!  But then... oh but then... we really didn't have anything else to do so, I came up with the bright idea to head to Buy Buy Baby to finish our registry that I had started online.  What I thought would take us a couple hours ended up taking us 4 hours!!!  Needless to say, we were exhausted & pretty much crashed when we got home!

Sunday was full of all things baby... I attended a family friends baby shower & then went to take my best friend's maternity pictures!  They turned out sooo good & I can't wait to share a little sneak peak with y'all!  Must save them for the shower in a couple of weeks though!!  Matt had been out riding motorcycles that day with some friends {the weather was gorgeous this weekend!} & I was a little jealous to say the least.  They were all so sweet & came to pick me up that evening for one last bike ride before ours is probably sold.  It was a really fun treat & I'm so glad we were able to take that ride!!

Feels good to be back... hopefully this girl can stay on track!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Yancey - 18 Week Bumpdate

I call this... dinner is cooked... I forgot I needed a picture for the blog.  #bloggerfail

How far along:  18 weeks

Baby Size:  As big as a sweet potato

Weight Gain:
  As of last Friday I was up 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I asked my nurse if it was ok & she assured me that I was doing good & that I would start to put on more weight on later in my 2nd tri-mester & certainly in my 3rd tri-mester.  So, no hate mail please!  ;)

Maternity Clothes:  None this week... I really need to get my jeans hymned!

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  Nothing this week thankfully!

Sleep:  Back in my own bed & sleeping great!

Exercise:  Does running around like a chicken with your head cut off count??  Now that Matt is home in the evenings we are planning to start walking!

Food Cravings or Aversions:  Oh my gosh talk about a major sweet tooth!  If you follow me on Instagram you already know how awesome Matt was and caved to my sweet tooth by bringing home sopapillas!!  Ahh!  So good!!

Gender:  BOY!  Sweet baby Jack Montgomery!!!

Movement:  Yes!  I can say with certainty that those grumbling feelings I was feeling is certainly our little dude!  Just Wednesday night I bent over to pick something up & my lower abdomen felt really tight.  After I stood up I felt my stomach & it was hard as a rock.  It was the weirdest feeling but, so cool too!  I can't wait to really feel him move!

Symptoms:  With feeling him move I think he's been on my bladder the last couple of days because I can't quit running to the ladies room!  Also, the tatas... they've been noticeably bigger than before (I know this b/c I've never been overly blessed there).  Well, I can say that is all changing these days!  It's really kind of weird & I can't quit laughing about it honestly!

Labor Signs:  Negative!

Belly button in or out:  In

Wedding rings on or off:  On

Mood:  Overall happy but, we got some news this last week that well, without going into too much detail, has just given us a real reality check.

Nursery:  It's going to be worked on this weekend & I'm pretty sure we've found our crib!

What I miss:  Pumpkin/Fall beer.  Just being honest here.  Trying new/different ones was one of my favorite things to do last Fall & now I get to watch Matt & our friends drink them.... Next year!

Best moment this week:  Seeing our little boy just smiling away on the ultrasound last Friday!

What I'm looking forward to:  Shopping for nursery furniture & decorations!  Sorry if you follow me on Pinterest... bear with me for a bit will ya?  :)


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