Monday, February 23, 2015

Welcome Baby Jack!

Is it official that Jack was born now that I'm blogging about it??

We are officially 3 weeks & 2 days into this whole new gig... I'm still in shock that He is even here & that He is ours... to keep... forever!!  Jack Montgomery was born on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 9:03 pm.  Jack was 7.7 lbs & 21 inches long.

We are truly over the moon in love with him & just can't get over how darn cute He is! HA!  I know we're partial but, for real... those cheeks are just so darn cute & kissable... all of the time!!  The first two weeks my aunts came to town & helped us get adjusted to our new addition and we've officially been solo for a week now.  So far Jack is nursing really well & sleeps pretty good too!  He definitely does not like to have a dirty diaper, #1 or #2 & immediately let's us know about it!  Overall, things are going pretty good... & Bingham is even adjusting pretty well!  Our hearts have swollen to a size I didn't know was possible & we are so in love with our little guy & our new life!

Thank you SO much to everyone for all of the love, support & well wishes over the last few weeks!  I hope to be back soon to share more about Jack & our new life as Mom & Dad!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby Yancey - 39 Week Bumpdate!

Top - Old Navy, Pants - Red Horse Boutique

How far along: 39 Weeks

Baby Size: Baby boy is as big as a Watermelon... & He feels like it!  ;)

Weight Gain: As of last Friday I was up a total of 42 lbs - blah!

Maternity Clothes:  Is there anything else!?  Except for the pants in the above picture & they're SO comfortable!

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  Nothing new in this department... Stretch marks on the boobs, booty & hips & swelling in my feet.

Sleep: Here lately it hasn't been great.  However, Monday night I got a good night's sleep but, it could of been because Sunday night was horrible!!

Food Cravings or Aversions: Nothing new here... still loving all things sweet!

Gender:  Boy!  Jack Montgomery!

Movement:  Yes, little booger is still moving quite a bit so, I'm thankful for that!

Symptoms:  Of pregnancy!?  A growing belly, swollen feet, carpal tunnel in my hands... & I feel like a house at this point.  #overitall

Labor Signs: This sent me into my boo-hoo session at the doctor's office last Friday.  As of Friday I wasn't dilated at all & so far I haven't had any signs of early labor.  Hoping for a little different news this Friday but, without trying to sound negative, I just don't feel like that's going to be the case.  Plus, I don't want to get my hopes up either.

Belly button in or out: Neither, just flat

Wedding rings on or off:  Off

Mood: Ready... excited, nervous & ready!

Nursery:  Done!!  If you missed it, here's the recap from yesterday!

What I miss: My feet not swelling

Best moment this week: Knowing that we are completely done with Jack's nursery & truly are completely ready for him to come home!

What I'm looking forward to: Having our baby boy & becoming a family of 3... err 4!  :)

Other Notables:

+ Yesterday was my last full day of work before maternity leave starts - such a weird feeling!  Since I've yet to have any labor signs I'll be working some half days so I'm not burning all my time at home, sans baby.

+ Our bags our completely packed & ready to go... So, Jack you can make your debut any time now!  :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jack's Nursery Reveal!

Aahhh!  Jack's nursery... it's done!  It's done!!  Jack's nursery has been such a true labor of love for Matt & I both.  I think it's safe to say that I wanted it to be just right that I probably put a little extra pressure on myself than what was necessary.  But, I guess what they say is true... You want to give your kids everything & make things perfect for them... Ahh it's started!!  There's no particular "theme" per-say for Jack's nursery but, I knew I wanted to incorporate all kinds of different vintage items.  Some are things we bought at trades days or antique stores and other things are items we already had that belonged to us or our family members at one time or another - which makes his room that much more special for us.  For colors we went with grey & white chevron with navy blue as well as pops of red & yellow.  It's really hard to decide just what pictures to share after we've worked so hard on his room so, beware of the picture overload... All item details with links will be at the end of the post!  {I know I missed things so, feel free to ask about something if it isn't listed!}

This is really a flat navy blue but, it keeps coming out as more of a royal blue once uploaded

With Jack's closet being behind his bedroom door, we opted to not replace the old doors & instead hang curtains.  I really like how they look & how much space I have when they are opened - I can see his whole closet!

Metal letters - First Monday, Canton, TX
Crib skirt, Sheet & Changing pad cover - Target
Grey & White Chevron Blanket - Cuddle Couture
"Jack" Pillow Cover - Needle & Bed
Fishing Poles - Matt's Grandpa's
License Plates - The 3 states Matt sold books in during the Summers in college
Wooden Monogram - League of Letters
Picture Frames & Canvas Prints - Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Marshall's
Crib, Glider, Book Shelf & Curtains - Target
Dresser - One we already had & Matt repainted
Rope (on wall behind glider) - my Dad's & the scarf was my mom's that I found in some of her stuff
Lamp shade - Target, Lamp Base - Large mason jar I painted
Globe - Antique store
Baby Memory Book - The Sweet Rhino
Red Tool Caddy & Laundry Basket - Home Goods
Red & Yellow Locker Baskets - The Magnolia Market
Wicker Closet Baskets - Hobby Lobby


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