Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My First Fix - {Stitch Fix}

Well, I finally took the plunge... I finally tried Stitch Fix.  However, not without prompting from the fact that I won a $200 credit for working my little side gig.  I've actually wanted to try it for a while but, would never take the plunge to do something of the sort for myself.  So, I'm really excited I was able to have this opportunity & try it out.

I must admit, the beginning process was a little confusing - I think I may of been making it harder than it was but, nonetheless I was confused.  All worked out & my box of goodies arrived earlier than expected so, that was a nice surprise.  Upon opening the box I liked everything I initially saw and couldn't wait to try it on!  I'm no fashionista and certainly not a "fashion blogger" so, judge lightly when reading through here...

First up was this super soft & comfortable Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Top.  I loved that it was a neutral color & could be worn multiple ways (one of my request in my feedback).  I paired it with my Old Navy skinny jeans, a gold necklace & brown flats with mixes of gold & silver in them.

Verdict: Kept

Next up was the Papermoon Hennah Woven Hem Detail Knit Top.  At first sight I liked the top but, when I got it on it was just all wrong.  The way it crossed my chest made me feel like I looked bigger than what I am; where the print detail hits the cotton top & where it lands on me, just not a fan.  Overall, I thought the top was cute but, did not flatter me in any way.

Verdict: Returned

Next was the Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse & Liverpool Mira Skinny Jeans.  I mentioned in my feedback that I would like some pieces that I could go out on a date night or events that I attend.  My stylist hit the nail on the head with this top.  The color was great, the sleeve detail was super cute & not something I've seen often and the overall fit was comfortable.  However, it was a tad too big so, it was a little too flowy.  I have the Mira Skinny Jeans on with this top & as far as overall look and comfort goes, I loved them.  However, they were a little too long for this 5'3" gal and were scrunched at the bottom which I wasn't a fan of.  Also, the top was just stretch... there was not button or zipper.  Now, some may love that but, seeing as how I still have baby weight to lose + some, they felt a little too much like maternity jeans.

Verdict: Returned both

Lastly, the Bay to Baubles necklace.  I'll be very honest, I was not a fan of this necklace at all.  As soon as I took it out of the box the first thing I noticed was how thin the pendant and chain both were.  For lack of a better word it just seemed cheap & not worth the $36 I could of bought it for.

Verdict: Returned

Overall, it was a great experience & I am excited to try again with a second box in September!  Want to try StitchFix yourself?  Click here to get started!  {<-- My referral link}

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Getaway Weekend - Galveston, TX

This last weekend Matt & I made a last minute decision to meet my aunt, cousin & his two sons in Galveston for the weekend.  I challenged myself to pack us all 3 in 1 bag since we would be there less than 48 hours. Challenge accepted & completed!  Boom!

We drove down Friday afternoon when I was finished with my work lunch.  I forgot a couple of small things so, we stopped by Target & then made our way to the hotel for the night. #targetisalifesaver   Saturday morning we were up & at 'em & off to Moody Gardens. I have been told in the past if we got the chance to go, go. All in all it was a great experience & fun place. You certainly get a lot of bang for your buck as we did the aquarium, rain forest, skeleton museum (not what it's called but, #mombrain), 3D movie, 4D Interactive movie & the Birds of Flight show.  We had a jam packed day & still did not see everything.  We were wiped out after dinner & called it a night.


Sunday we slept in a bit, packed up & then had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  Another check off the bucket list as it was our first time visiting there as well. We were impressed with the food for being a themed, chain restaurant & the service was awesome.  Overall it was a great experience & the perfect way to end our little get away!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Life Lately

I've said it before "I'm here!  I'm back!" but, I'm not going to say that again because all that gets me is a good two week run around this place and then I disappear again.  So, I'm here today... maybe again this week.  We shall see.  I have however, been craving to be here, to write again & let this creative side out again.  So, here I am... with a super creative life lately post.  You're welcome.  :)

Since I left off at Mother's Day we'll go back to May.  Matt & I had an awesome date night that was long overdue.  Speaking of, we're overdue again for a date night - we're really bad about making date nights priority.  But, we had a really great time that night together & no little one to worry about.

On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we hosted a cookout at our house.  We had lots of friends with several little guys running around, playing in the water table, swimming pool & sand box.  It was a hot day but, everyone had a great time!
Water & then the sand box... we're clearly very smart parents.  Also, Jack had mosquito bites on his ears, hence the swollen, baby Hitch ears.  #winningatparenting

June was filled with a birthday pool party, Jack's first county rodeo, a 15 hour stay in the hospital for a bad case of croup and family vacation at the river.  There was certainly no shortage of fun... but, a possible shortage of sleep!
Despite his face, Jack loves the water just not so much the pictures sometimes

 The cutest little patient I ever did see!

Oh Concan... take us back! 

As of most recently we've enjoyed a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market on the river - first time & we'll certainly be back again, enjoyed some lake time & Jack discovered how to climb up on the motorcycle - awesome!

Steel City Pops for the win!

Clearly, he's very proud of himself...

I hope you've enjoyed my photo dump!  See ya soon!


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