Monday, December 26, 2011

A Look Back at 2011!

WOW!  What a year!  I can honestly say it's been a great one & I can only hope for 2012 to be just as good!  Here's a picture re-cap of my 2011!

**Warning, this post is a little long but, I promise it's worth it seeing it all!**


Brought in 2011 the right way - dancing around the floor to country music with great friends!

Had a few heavy snows!
Bingham having fun in his first snow!  He was only 4 months old!
Celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Top Golf!  (My gift to Matt!)
Went on my FIRST EVERY ski trip to Red River, NM!

Gotta look good if you're not good at it!  :)

Our last day in Red River!

Visited Cadillac Ranch on our way home!


Hosted our first Couch Surfer, Ben, from Austin!


We also hosted our 2nd Couch Surfer, David, in April!  He was an artist at the Ft Worth Main St Arts Festival and only stayed with us for one night b/c it was during the week!  (Sorry, no pics)

Also, in April we hosted our 3rd Couch Surfers, Martin & Natasja from Denmark!  Martin & Natasja  were traveling through the United States on a 3 month trip!  They showed up on Friday afternoon & we took them where else but to BILLY BOB'S!!!

We took them to our friend's family ranch to shoot skeet & hang out by the camp fire Saturday night!

& we also visited one of our favorite restaurants, Gloria's, Sunday afternoon!
Yummy Margaritas!
We were so sad to see Martin & Natasja go but, they had so much fun seeing the rest of the US!  We can't wait to see them again either here in the US or when we travel to Denmark!

Celebrated Easter in Corpus Christi with my Mom's family!

& look who we got to visit when passing through Austin on the way home...
We stopped to have ice cream at Amy's!  If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop there for a D-Lish treat!


Cheered on our Texas Rangers when they lost to the Yankees!


Went to ROT Rally in Austin, TX!  2nd time to the rally on 6th St, 1st time out to the actual rally grounds!
Nothing but motorcycles lines up & down 6th St!

Had WAY too much fun at some friend's wedding in Fredericksburg, TX!


Celebrated the 4th of July at PK Lake!!!
Tha girls!
A couple of tha boyz!


Traveled south of Houston to see one of my college girlfriends get hitched!

& since I caught the bouquet, Matt was thrilled!


Hit up Ranch Bash with the girls!
(Apparently I like that dress??  Whatev, it's cute!)

We're college kids again for a night... Tarleton Homecoming 2011!

We're ladies of "The Fabulous Fifties" at work for Halloween!


Celebrated the Gillean's getting hitched!

Celebrated my 25th Birthday!!!

Traveled to Graham & Corpus Christi for Thanksgiving with our families!


Participated in the first ever "How the Glitz Stole Christmas Glitz & Glam Blog Swap"!
Goodies from my partner Hilary!

Welcomed Emma Michele into the world!!!
Isn't she PRECIOUS!?!?
I'm sooo excited she's finally here!!!

Participated in our first Toy Run!

& enjoyed each other's company Christmas Eve & Christmas day!

If you made it this far in this post, CONGRATS!  I realize this post is a bit lengthy but, we've had a busy year full of great memories!  There's even some important times (brother's graduation), I didn't post about because I don't have those pictures on my computer!  I hope you too can look back on your 2011 year & know that you had so much fun & a great year!

I feel like I've come a long way in this bloggy world this year & have "met" some fun friends!  Thanks to Mrs. Gillean for getting me interested in blogging!  & I'm so glad to have new blogging friends like Miss Amy & Miss Hilary!  I look forward to making many new blogging friends in 2012!

We'll be ringing in the new year in the BIG EASY!  I hope everyone has a great & safe NYE!!!



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big Texas Toy Run

So this last weekend Matt & I participated in our very first toy run!  When we met 3 years ago I fell in LOVE with riding motorcycles!  After only being around him for less that 24 hours, I was on the back of his bike & knew I had a new addiction!  We spent almost every afternoon taking rides & we were having the time of our lives!  About 9 months after being together, Matt had to sell that bike for personal reasons & we were without a motorcycle for a year and a half.  When we finally got another bike this last May I was soooo excited!  I told Matt that without a doubt, we'd be doing a toy run this year!  When the Big Texas Toy Run came along I knew this was the one I wanted us to do!
After riding from Ft. Worth to Grand Prairie & merging with the group from Dallas, we parked & dropped off our toys at the donation station.  After that we walked around to see what vendors were there & what they had to offer.  We enjoyed some "ball park" like nachos & watched some of the little kids recieve their Christmas gifts - so sweet & precious!

Here's a few pictures of our first but, not last toy run!

Night before, we were seeing just how cold it would be & stopped for dinner & a drink!

Most of the bikes at Gateway Park in Ft Worth

We're so kewl!  :)

A cute elf on the back of a bike!

Some people go ALL out!  But, it's so cool & fun!

Our bike:
You like??  Matt put it together in about an hour & a half all by himself!

ALL the bikes from Ft Worth & Dallas!  They go waaay over the hill!  So awesome!


Matt & I had so much fun at the Big Texas Toy Run & fully plan on participating next year!  It's such a great feeling knowing that we helped make a couple of kid's Christmas that much sweeter!  From seeing all the rough & tough bikers, to all the people lined along the highway cheering us (the riders) on for doing what we were doing & seeing all of the bikes, to seeing the kids get their Christmas wishes granted - it was a great day!

Click here for the link to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to see more pictures taken by local photographer.
(No, we didn't make the cut :( )


Monday, December 12, 2011

How the Glitz Stole Christmas: Blogger Swap!

WOW 12 days until Christmas!  Merry Merry Christmas everyone!  I have to be honest & say that I really wasn't in the "Christmas Spirit" at first this year but, after seeing everyone's fun decorations & stuff.... I'm sooo gad I didn't turn into the Grinch!

So, I decided to participate in my VERY FIRST blogger swap!  & I'm so glad my girl Amy told me about it!

I was very lucky to have been paired up with Miss Hilary from Diaries of Do'ers!  Hilary & I have been chatting via e-mail & it has been so much fun getting to know her & all that she does!  I can't wait to meet her IRL one day!

My box of goodies arrived & I was so excited to open it!  THIS is what was inside!
 Can you believe all of this!?  I was floored & so excited!

I love it all but, here are some of my FAVORITES!
From left to right:

1: Couture Couture by Juicy Couture perfume - it smells SO good!  I will be buying my own bottle!
2: Shadow Insurance by Candlelight.  LOVE this stuff! Who knew this existed!?  It keeps your shadow from clumping all together in the crease of your eye, it's great!
3: bareMinerals lip gloss, Cupcake.  Love this too!  I'll be buying more for sure!
4: Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes - Hilary, HOW did you know I needed this!? Here lately the skin around my eyes has been very dried out & I'm constantly putting moisturizer on them.  This eye moisturizer has helped out so much!

Hilary, thank yous much for all of the wonderful gifts!  I love them & have really enjoyed using all of the new, fun things!  I can't wait to see everyone else's gifts from the G&G blogger swap!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fun Christmas season!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Weddings are Fun!

Well, well... If it isn't Monday & I'M blogging!  Cheers!

This weekend was a busy but fun weekend!  Saturday night we celebrated the nuptials of Erin & Zach!  It was a very nice ceremony & we had so much fun at the reception!

Here's a recap in pictures!

One last dance for the Bride!
Have fun in Punta Cana you two!!!



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