Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Ever: Tips From My Kitchen!

In the last 14 months I've learned SO much with The Pampered Chef & it's hard to choose just one tool that is my absolute favorite.

Tonight though, I pick The Cool & Serve Square Tray.  The Cool & Serve Square Tray made its debut in June of 2010 and is by far one of my all time favorite tools!  It's great for when you are needing to carry along cupcakes, make fruit or vegetable trays, and can even hold 2 dozen deviled eggs!  The great part about it is that the green trays inserted to keep food cool, stays cold for up to 4-6 hours!  If you've seen my fruit & vegetable trays, you know what I'm talking about!  If you haven't seen them... do yourself a favor and check out this amazing tool!

So... on the note of fruit & vegetable trays... Does anyone really know why the drawers in your refrigerator say "Fruit" on one side & "Vegetable" on the other?  I have to be honest, I did not.  I guess I figured that was just the manufacturer's way of helping you out!?  Well, both drawers have those labels because you are not supposed to store fruits & vegetables together due to fruits giving off a gas that will ruin the vegetables!  So, save your veggies people!  Keep the fruit in one drawer and veggies in the other!

Hope you've enjoyed my first blog!  Happy Cooking!


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