Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big Texas Toy Run

So this last weekend Matt & I participated in our very first toy run!  When we met 3 years ago I fell in LOVE with riding motorcycles!  After only being around him for less that 24 hours, I was on the back of his bike & knew I had a new addiction!  We spent almost every afternoon taking rides & we were having the time of our lives!  About 9 months after being together, Matt had to sell that bike for personal reasons & we were without a motorcycle for a year and a half.  When we finally got another bike this last May I was soooo excited!  I told Matt that without a doubt, we'd be doing a toy run this year!  When the Big Texas Toy Run came along I knew this was the one I wanted us to do!
After riding from Ft. Worth to Grand Prairie & merging with the group from Dallas, we parked & dropped off our toys at the donation station.  After that we walked around to see what vendors were there & what they had to offer.  We enjoyed some "ball park" like nachos & watched some of the little kids recieve their Christmas gifts - so sweet & precious!

Here's a few pictures of our first but, not last toy run!

Night before, we were seeing just how cold it would be & stopped for dinner & a drink!

Most of the bikes at Gateway Park in Ft Worth

We're so kewl!  :)

A cute elf on the back of a bike!

Some people go ALL out!  But, it's so cool & fun!

Our bike:
You like??  Matt put it together in about an hour & a half all by himself!

ALL the bikes from Ft Worth & Dallas!  They go waaay over the hill!  So awesome!


Matt & I had so much fun at the Big Texas Toy Run & fully plan on participating next year!  It's such a great feeling knowing that we helped make a couple of kid's Christmas that much sweeter!  From seeing all the rough & tough bikers, to all the people lined along the highway cheering us (the riders) on for doing what we were doing & seeing all of the bikes, to seeing the kids get their Christmas wishes granted - it was a great day!

Click here for the link to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to see more pictures taken by local photographer.
(No, we didn't make the cut :( )


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  1. so cool :)
    Such a great thing you did for those kids!

    Loving yall's bike as well!


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