Monday, January 23, 2012


Shenanigans!  That about sums up the weekend for us!  This weekend was pretty much filled with music, stock show & partying!

Friday night we went to a new bar that opened up a few months ago to see Reckless Kelly play.  Despite the 45 minute drive to get there, it was a neat place & we had a lot of fun!  I forgot to take in my camera so, no pics!  :)

The Fort Worth Stock Show  Rodeo has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  Every year we go multiple times so that we can see everything.  With every trip there are bound to be shenanigans that take place.  Saturday at the Stock Show did not disappoint!

We did our shopping with beer in hand!  The only way to get the guys to spend that cha-ching!

We were convinced to try the foot massagers!  All we could say was "Oh wow!"  "Oh my gosh!  That's really powerful!"  These things made your body vibrate from your toes to the top of your head!  Weird.
The guys thought it was funny!

However, a few isles over Matt & I were somehow conned into buying shoe shiner/leather cleaner!
I thought I had ruined my boot a while back but, you couldn't see it when I wore jeans... the lady cleaned them up & made them look like new!

Picture with Will Rogers for good luck!

My Love!

& we ran into one of Matt's HS friends & his wife in town for the Stock Show too!

Weekends like these make me wonder how I did it when I was younger!?  We all had so much fun though & can't wait to do it again!  Thankful for Sunday so we could rest most of the day!  I hope everyone had a great weekend & Happy Monday!!!  Have a great week!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Valentine - By Default

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner & mine & Matt’s anniversary coming up as well, I thought I would share our story with y’all!  I always love a good love story & finding out how people met!  It’s so fun & there are so many different stories! 
Let me start with saying that 1) I’m not wasn’t a big fan of Valentine’s Day – there is always too much hype about it & I truly feel it’s too commercialized, like Christmas.  & 2) Mine & Matt’s anniversary is February 14th, 2009!  J
You see, Matt had been trying to throw his game at me & get to know me better for about a year before we actually got together.  I had been single for 3 years at that time & wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.  Unless you were some jerk that I felt needed to be chased after.  #stupidgirl.  Anyways, I don’t ever remember Matt trying to hit on me or ask me out – clearly I wasn’t interested.  (This even happened when I ditched him for another guy at his own Super Bowl party! Whoops!)

So, I had been seeing this one guy for about 3 weeks when Valentine’s 2009 was rolling around – it was on a Saturday that year.  Long story short the guy I had been seeing ditched me ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!!  I didn’t hear from him at all that day… No phone call.  No txt.  No nothing!  I was pissed!  Not only did I get ditched on this stupid holiday that I didn’t even want to celebrate but, I had bought some stupid little gift for him at the urging of my co-workers!  Sweet girls!  J
At the time, Matt & I lived only a few blocks from each other & one of his roommates & my roommate at the time were dating & still are.  Being nice, my roommate & her boyfriend didn’t want me sitting at home alone on Valentine’s night.  They were going to some other friend’s house for dinner & after quite a bit of prodding, they convinced me to join them…. With Matt!  You see, he was sitting at home with no plans either so, it worked!  I was a nervous wreck & embarrassed!!!  Not only had I completely blew him off a couple weeks prior to at his own Super Bowl party he was co-hosting, I had also seen him the night before when I was with the d-bag that ditched me!
We went to the dinner & had a great time!  The next day we spent all day together & the rest is history!  I took my first motorcycle ride & loved it!  (Yes, it was FREEZING COLD!)  Despite the fact that I had blew him off and paid no attention to him for the past year – he was still willing to give me a chance!  & I’m so glad he did!  The last 3 years have been some of the sweetest & best a girl could ask for!  I know for a fact that God brought Matt into my life at that time for a reason & I am so grateful to Him for that!

Texas State Fair, 2010

June 2011

That's it, that's our love story!  I hope you enjoyed it!  What is your love story??  Please send them to me!  I would love to hear them!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Rundown: Matt Turns 30!

I can’t believe the weekend went by so fast!  We had so much fun celebrating Matt’s birthday & hanging out with some good friends that we don’t always get to see!  We went to Top Golf in N. Dallas & played golf all night!  The first part of the night the weather wasn’t too bad but, towards the end of the night… OH MY it was COLD!!!

Here’s some pics from the weekend!

Phil & Elizabeth

Roland & Hollie

Chase & Taylor

Matt & I

Cute eh!?

The Group

Yep, we did it... Prom pose!

Justin & Ashleigh

He was losing… He said, “It's time to get serious!”

Love for the birthday boy!  Clearly he liked it!

Happy 30th Birthday my love!

We slept in late Sunday & didn’t do too much!  I did however, get some crafts & blogging done so, I have some great post coming up this week!  Be sure to check back tomorrow too, as I'm linking up with Raven from A Momma's Desires & Pacifiers & revealing my tattoos!

Happy Monday... I hope y'all have a great day!



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