Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Valentine - By Default

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner & mine & Matt’s anniversary coming up as well, I thought I would share our story with y’all!  I always love a good love story & finding out how people met!  It’s so fun & there are so many different stories! 
Let me start with saying that 1) I’m not wasn’t a big fan of Valentine’s Day – there is always too much hype about it & I truly feel it’s too commercialized, like Christmas.  & 2) Mine & Matt’s anniversary is February 14th, 2009!  J
You see, Matt had been trying to throw his game at me & get to know me better for about a year before we actually got together.  I had been single for 3 years at that time & wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.  Unless you were some jerk that I felt needed to be chased after.  #stupidgirl.  Anyways, I don’t ever remember Matt trying to hit on me or ask me out – clearly I wasn’t interested.  (This even happened when I ditched him for another guy at his own Super Bowl party! Whoops!)

So, I had been seeing this one guy for about 3 weeks when Valentine’s 2009 was rolling around – it was on a Saturday that year.  Long story short the guy I had been seeing ditched me ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!!  I didn’t hear from him at all that day… No phone call.  No txt.  No nothing!  I was pissed!  Not only did I get ditched on this stupid holiday that I didn’t even want to celebrate but, I had bought some stupid little gift for him at the urging of my co-workers!  Sweet girls!  J
At the time, Matt & I lived only a few blocks from each other & one of his roommates & my roommate at the time were dating & still are.  Being nice, my roommate & her boyfriend didn’t want me sitting at home alone on Valentine’s night.  They were going to some other friend’s house for dinner & after quite a bit of prodding, they convinced me to join them…. With Matt!  You see, he was sitting at home with no plans either so, it worked!  I was a nervous wreck & embarrassed!!!  Not only had I completely blew him off a couple weeks prior to at his own Super Bowl party he was co-hosting, I had also seen him the night before when I was with the d-bag that ditched me!
We went to the dinner & had a great time!  The next day we spent all day together & the rest is history!  I took my first motorcycle ride & loved it!  (Yes, it was FREEZING COLD!)  Despite the fact that I had blew him off and paid no attention to him for the past year – he was still willing to give me a chance!  & I’m so glad he did!  The last 3 years have been some of the sweetest & best a girl could ask for!  I know for a fact that God brought Matt into my life at that time for a reason & I am so grateful to Him for that!

Texas State Fair, 2010

June 2011

That's it, that's our love story!  I hope you enjoyed it!  What is your love story??  Please send them to me!  I would love to hear them!



  1. What a sweet story! I hope you like Valentine's day a lot more now :) Sounds like you have a great guy!

  2. Awe that is so sweet I never knew how y'all met!


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