Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Hump Day ladies!

Today, I'm linking up for the first time with Michelle from 
Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Here we go!

How adorable is this!?  This pose is a MUST DO when I have little bebes of my own!
adorable photo

Love this idea for a girls night get together or an outdoor party!
Fill balloons with water, freeze and use and reuse them instead of ice! Super cute for kids parties too!

I love these glitter eggs!  However, I will not be doing ANYTHING that involves that much glitter, ever!
DIY - glitter eggs - via Martha Stewart

Baseball season is right around the corner & I LOVE our 
Texas Rangers!
Texas Rangers Burlap door hanger.

Speaking of baseball season... THIS would be a perfect outfit for game day!

Or I would look good in that outfit here...
Love this
I die!

Fine, I guess if you insist!  Also, I think I could pull off said outfit above, at the place above... with a glass of wine in hand.  I'm just sayin!
Love Wine

You can follow me on Pinterest here & tell me where to follow you!

Don't forget to link-up with Michelle!

What's Pinteresting to you today?


If you haven't visited the Leibster Award winners yet, be sure to do that - they are all great girls & bloggers!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liebster Award!

Yesterday morning, Miss Erin left me a message letting me know she had given me a Liebster Blogger Award!  My very first blogger award...Thanks girl!!!

Erin writes over at The Swanky Southern Yankee
My Photo
She was one of the first blogs that I started following & I looked forward reading her post everyday, I still do.  We both cross our fingers & say prayers for each other every small holiday that comes around... hoping one of us will be engaged!  Erin is hilarious & has the best humor!  Her sense of style is great & I try to learn what I can from her!  If you haven't read Erin's blog... get on it!

Here's the Liebster Award rules:

1) Acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them - Check!

2) Give this award to 5 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and let them know through a comment on their blog - Getting there!

3) Post the award on your blog - Check!

& the Liebster Awards go to....

Nicole @ Prairie Princess
My Photo
I secretly live vicariously through Nicole.  She lives in a small town, in middle of no where Montana with her husband. I'm jealous.  She writes about her everyday life of living on a farm & everything else that comes with living in a small town - I love it!

Kelli @ Southern Blessed Life
My Photo
Kelli also lives on a farm with her hubs - the farmer - & adorable three kids.  She writes about their life on the farm, her family & all things western/chic & bling!  & for anyone who is interested she yells, "Rollll Tide!!!'

Kathleen @ Carrie Bradshaw Lied

I love Kathleen's sense of home decorating!  Everything from tree stump side tables to fur rugs & the perfect chandelier in her hair & makeup room - girlfriend has it going on!  Plus, she's a bargainista - who doesn't love bargains!?

Erin @ It's All About "E"
My Photo
Erin is one of my IRL friends.  You've heard seen me mention her before - she's the reason I started this here blog!  HER blog is about all things... well, Erin!  She talks about everything from her fun makeup & hair product finds and shopping steals to hosting parties & her new found love? for DiY projects - she would admit this is a work in progress & I'm proud of her!

Courtney @ Southern Somedays
My Photo
After finding out Courtney's love of delicious recipes, adorable southern charm style, & most recently our shared love for the Tone It Up girls... her blog is always a good read!

Please go check out all of these lovely bloggers if you haven't already!  I promise they won't disappoint!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivation Monday!

I must admit, when I woke up this morning I was a frazzled mess.  Not only had I not prepared myself last night for the upcoming week, I hadn't even prepared myself for the next morning (this morning)!  Great start to a Monday!  Way to go Shayna!

Anyhow... the fact that I was running around the house like a mad woman & had no time to throw together a gym bag, made me really not even want to go to the gym today.  After I got to work & things calmed down, I rationed with myself - "Don't waste your day being in a bad mood all because you didn't have time to get everything in this morning all because YOU didn't get up early enough!"  "There's still time to turn this day around, SUNSHINE!"
So, that's what I've chosen to do!

Today I'll be doing the Lean Legs Pyramid

& I'll pair this with 3 miles of cardio

Need something to get your rear in gear today?  Here ya go!

Get your booty moving!  You'll be so glad you did, I promise!

What are you doing for your workout today?


Weekend Rundown

Happy Monday!  The worst part is over... we made it out of bed & to the office!  Breath easier because we're one day closer to Friday!  & Yes, I'm already counting down to the weekend... it's going to be a fun one & I can't wait!

This weekend we went to visit Matt's parents.  They live about 90 miles West of FW.  It was so nice to be able to get out of the city & away from the hustle & bustle for a little bit!  Most of our time was spent at the hospital visiting Matt's mom who had knee surgery last week.

However, I did snap this pic (thank you Instagram)

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen this tweet

Remember these?
YEP!  They are still on the ceiling of Matt's room back home!  We joke about it every time we go home... He like to tell me they are "romantic"! LOL!

Hope y'all had a good weekend & here's to a great week ahead of us!


Friday, February 24, 2012

A Recipe & a Confess Sesh!

Hey y'all!  It's Friday!!!  Get up & do a little happy dance if you haven't already!

I'm not one of those girls who can whip up something great in the kitchen with minimal ingredients available... I just don't have that talent!  However, we were in luck the other night!  Knowing I wanted to incorporate the pineapple that was about to go bad I decided to make Chicken Tacos!

2 - 4 boneless skinless chicken breast
1/2 fresh pineapple - diced
McCormick's Montreal Chicken Seasoning
4 - 8 Corn tortillas

1) Place a layer of pineapple on bottom of pan
2) Season chicken & place on top of the pineapple
3) Place remaining pineapple on top & around the chicken breast
4) Bake for about 20-25 minutes on 375
5) Once chicken is cooked, dice into bite size pieces

Add in lettuce, (a little) cheese & salsa... & VOILA!
I tried my best to calculate the calories accurately & I figured each taco is about 240 calories - Including 1 tortilla, chicken, lettuce, pineapple, cheese & salsa. 



Per usual, I'm linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday!

So, let's get this rollin'!

I Confess...

- I'm (secretly) glad my computer finally crashed!  It was so old & had been gimping along for so long that it really just needed to be put out of its misery!

-I'm (not-so-secretly) excited about our new computer!  It runs super fast & has everything we need & more!  YAY for new big kid toys!

-We'll be heading about 90 miles west of the big city this weekend to visit Matt's parents & I couldn't be more excited!  Not only do I love his parents but, to be out of the city & be able to see every single star in the sky... it's greatness & something you don't get in the city!  Ahhh... solitude!  :)

-After organizing my closet last weekend, I want to go shopping for more shoes & clothes!

-I was a bit of a hormonal b*tch the latter part of yesterday - I sure my co-workers wanted to choke me!  Thank goodness (for all of us) I feel much better today!

-Also, I've been wearing open-toe shoes all week & let's just say, I need a pedicure!  WHOOPSIE!

That's all I've got for today lovely ladies!  Don't forget to hop on over to Leslie's place & join in on the fun...
Confess your little heart out!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Official...

My computer is crashing! Therefor all I can tell you is that I DID make it to the gym today!

I did 3 miles in 30 minutes on the cross trainer!

Did you workout today? How do you feel?

Fat Tuesday is kicking my ass... I'm exhausted & going to bed early!


A few things... New & I'm Learning!

Hey y'all!  Making it through this HUMP day & your Fat Tuesday hangover ok?  I feel pretty good considering a nice man bought us TEQUILA shots for barely bumping into my chair!  Lawd!  This girl doesn't go out on Tuesday nights anymore... let alone be taking shots of Tequila!  WHEW!  

Anyways... As you may know, Google Friend Connect is going away as of March 1st!  To be totally honest, I'm not really sure exactly what this means but, I may not be able to see ALL of your post in my Blogger Dashboard.  

With that said, I'm finding other ways to keep up with the blogs I follow as well as giving you more options to follow All From My Kitchen, My Home & My Life!  

I now have a couple of new ways you can follow my blog!  YAY for moving up in the world!  :)

*The newest addition is Google+!  You can click the red "G" to the right & it will take you to my Google+ page!

*I recently created an account with Bloglovin!  Just click the blue & white follow button on the right & it will take you directly to it!
Follow All From My Kitchen, My Home & My Life

*As always, you can keep up with All From My Kitchen, My Home & My Life via e-mail!

To be quite honest, again, I'm not sure what I will do once I cannot read all of my blogs in the Blogger Dashboard!  I'm not a tech-savvy type of person so, I'm trying to figure all of this out on a VERY short time table!  My Google+ page is a hot mess & I cannot for the life of me figure it all out.  It's just not very user friendly to me.  Bloglovin on the other hand is SUPER easy!  It's simple & sleek - just the way I like it!

I plan to do a lot of  reading & learning about all of this over the weekend & hopefully come out more knowledgeable on the other side!

How do you keep up with bloggers you follow?  Are you on Bloglovin or Google+?  If so, let me know!  I plan on updating these this weekend as well!

Happy Hump Day bishes!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yep, I did it again!

Happy Fat Tuesday ladies!

Today consisted of 2 Tone It Up workouts at home!

& this one...

I did each of these workouts 3 times through.  I chose to workout at home today for multiple reason, mainly it just fit best with my schedule this evening!

I woke up feeling great this morning after working out yesterday!

Did you get in a workout today?  How did it feel?

I'm off to have a couple of vodka soda drinks with the ladies for Fat Tuesday!


P.S.  My computer is throwing a fit & so I was unable to upload the videos directly... the links will take you to their YouTube channel!

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way, shape or form a professional.  This is what I do & what works for me & my body.

Hot Mess ---> Heck Yes!

Hey y'all!  As I mentioned in this post, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday organizing this hot mess!

Now, before I get into how I transformed this space, I must say that I got my inspiration from Kate at The Small Things Blog - I found her via Pinterest & LOVE her blog!

With our house being small & only have 2 bedroom closets, I knew I wold need to get creative with this organization project.

My goal was to:
-Organize the mess of shoes on the floor
-Weed out purses that I no longer carry on top
-& organize my scarves & gloves & other stuff on the second shelf

Oh, did I mention I wanted to do this on a $30 budget?  Oh yes, $30 was my budget.

I picked up this shoe shelf from Target
& yes, I put it together all on my own!  :)  (It really wasn't that hard).

I also picked up these three cloth baskets from Marshall's & Target

After pulling everything out of my closet, except for the hanging clothes because I went through those a couple of months back, I went through my purses, gloves, scarves, shorts, shoes & bags to see which ones I wanted to keep & which ones I wanted to put in the sale pile.

After my piles were separated I organized my gloves in the small green & white chevron basket, my beanies in the solid green basket & my caps & bandannas in the brown basket.
I places the purses I don't use all of the time on the top shelf.

Water shoes, shorts, tanks & ski pants on the other sides.

With the shoes organized on the shoe shelf & shoe rack on the closet door, this is the final product:

The totals cost of this closet organization was...


A little over my budget but, the cloth baskets were a little more than I planned on spending.  All in all I think I did pretty well & I'm excited to see my newly organized closet every time I walk in my room!

My goal now is to keep my closet looking like this!  Wish me luck!

Have you done any "Spring cleaning" or organizing lately?  


Monday, February 20, 2012

Today, I worked out!

Yep, it's true... I went to the gym today!  GO ME!

Here's the deal, not only is swim suit season right around the corner but, we're going skiing in a few weeks & this girl needs some solid legs under her.  You see, last Spring was my first time EVER to go skiing.  I had been working out for a couple of months before & that helped me A TON!

As I mentioned here, getting into my workout routine again - getting fit & healthy was a lifestyle change I wanted to make for good.  Let me be honest & say, it hasn't been easy.

Since January I've been on & off with hitting the gym.  One week I would go & do great with what I was eating... the next week I just wouldn't go to the gym & ate like crap!

ALLL that to say that I knew waking up today I HAD to make a change!  As I rushed around the house getting ready (typical) I threw a gym bag together as well.

After feeling like I could snooze on my keyboard ALLL day long, I left work & headed for the gym!

I did 2 miles on the cross trainer, came home to walk Bingham with Matt for another 1.5 miles
totalling 3.5 miles!!!

I also decided to do a legs workout.  I follow Karina & Katrena's website Tone It Up for different workouts.  Today I did the Tone Up Your Thighs: Thigh & Leg workout 

3 times each & I can already feel it a little in my legs!

My thought is to check in every evening sharing my daily workouts & my progress along the way!

Did you workout today?  How did it feel?


Weekend Rundown!

Hey y'all!  Hope you had a great weekend!  We certainly did!  It was busy & SUPER productive!

The other day on Twitter I asked if The Vow was worth going to see.  I had heard so many different reviews on it so I wasn't sure I wanted to see it in theatre OR wait until it was out for rent.

Matt was actually the one who offered to have a date night on Friday to see The Vow!
WHAT!?  Two date nights in ONE WEEK!?  Are you for real!?  Who are you & what have you done with my boyfriend!?  Seriously.
So, I of course took him up on his offer & we went to see The Vow!
We did it right.  Don't worry, I didn't drink all of the beer!
I have to admit, I LOVED The Vow!  There were tears in my eyes, anger towards poor little Paige, & feeling down right awful for Leo!  All in all it was a great movie & I'm so glad I decided to see it!

Saturday morning Matt & I got up early to run some errands so we could get back home to check some things off the "TO DO" list!
Bingham of course had to be in the middle of all the action!

While Matt spent his time putting in Bingham's new doggy door...
Since our house is a rental we didn't want to do anything permanent to the house.  We found this door at our local Habitat for Humanity store for $35 & bought the doggy door for $35!  Matt installed both the doggy door & people door himself!

I spent my day organizing this hot mess...
I was able to pull some things for my first ever blog sale!  More on both of those later!

I must have been in a Rachel McAdams mood because Saturday night I somehow talked Matt into watching The Notebook!  I don't know what got into that boy but, hey, I'll take it!

Sunday was another early to rise & productive day!  With a little help from Matt we started working on this here little beauty!
It was my Great Grandmother's & I've had it for years! I was so happy to get to work on this!  I'll share the finished product later this week.  It's currently drying with paint coat #1.
After this productive weekend I think I'm looking forward to the work week!  GASP! WHAA!?

I hope y'all have a great Monday & a great week!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Anniversary Gift = Complete Fail!

If you're reading this give yourself a pat on the back... You made it to Friday!  I don't know about y'all but, it's been  bit of a long week for me & I'm glad that it's Friday && in a few short hours, the weekend will start!

As you probably know, Tuesday wasn't only Valentine's Day but, it was also mine & Matt's 3 year anniversary!  I was really looking forward to our date night as we haven't been on a true date in a while.

Once we were home from work & freshened up to leave for dinner, we exchanged gifts.  Well, I got my gift from Matt.  You see, I thought I had ordered Matt's gift in plenty of time.  No, I didn't!  It came in on the 15th & then after forgetting it at work he finally received his gift on the 16th! 

While Matt had a funny Valentine's card & sweet/sappy anniversary cards to open this is what my love gave to me...

I received these at work & they smell wonderful!

Pat Green's Dance Halls & Dreamers book!  I've wanted this book for quite a while but, never would buy it for myself.  It's a fun book about Texas Country artist & the fun dance halls in the state of Texas!  My plan is to take motorcycle rides & visit all of them!

Family picture!  :)  Please excuse our child's mess!

We went to dinner & enjoyed delicious Mexican food at Joe T Garcia's
& amazing Sangria Margaritas!

I finally remembered to bring Matt's gift home on Thursday & I was excited for him to open it!

& this is how excited he was once he figured out what it was...
Let me just say that this face is NOT the face of him excited to pull The Man Can out of the bag!
I found this gift idea from Giuliana Rancic's Fab Fit Fun website & fell in love with it!

Needless to say, I will be returning this gift... yes, I said RETURNING this gift & getting him something else.

I absolutely love my gifts but, I can't believe that after 3 years of being together I could buy a gift that was SO off for Matt!  I should have known because he's not much of a foo foo guy.  As he explained, he uses 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner & bar soap... doesn't get much more basic then that!  Geez!  Maybe next year I can redeem myself!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!  I'm hoping to get some DiY projects done if the weather will cooperate!  We'll see!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Ok & Thankful Thursday!

Hey y'all!  It's Thursday!  One more day & it's the weekend!  Woo Hoo!  I haven't done an "It's Ok Thursday" OR a "Thankful Thursday" in a while so I figured I would combine them both today!  Sound like fun?  Ok!  Good!

Its Ok Thursdays
Be sure to link up here at Amber's or here at Neely's!

It's Ok...

-That I've decided to take a little break from Pampered Chef.  I still want to stay active as a consultant but, I am so busy with life in general it's hard to make time for it.  I'll be back at it again eventually though!

-That my plans for going to see Bring It On - The Musical fell through!  Now, I get to work on my taxes on Saturday!  JOY!

-That Matt's Valentine's/Anniversary gift came in a day late & I then forgot it at work when it did finally come in!  Nothing like dragging out a celebration!

-That plants I received for condolences when my grandmother passed away are about to die.  You see, I don't have a green thumb - at all.  I do good with flowers because I know that it's inevitable for them to die.  Plants just aren't my thing, I can't help it.

I'm Thankful...

-For having a Dad that I can talk to about almost anything.  I've always been a daddy's girl but, my Mom & I were super close when she was alive.  Since my Mom passed, it's been a bumpy road for my Dad & I.  We've had to form a bond that somewhat serves as my Mom did.  I'm thankful for the opportunity & time that our relationship has grown & is what it is today!

-For having an understanding boyfriend!  I knew he wouldn't be upset that his gift was a day late but, when I forgot it, AGAIN... I was a little worried!  Thankfully, he knows me & understands me!

-For my job & that I can say I like my job!  Not everyone can say that but, I know that I am very fortunate & blessed to work in the environment that I do & have the type of supervisors that I do!

-For Dave Ramsey!  Matt got me into Dave Ramsey about a year & a half ago.  Although I don't practice everything as he suggest, he is very good at what he does!  I've listened to Dave on the radio on & off but, something has finally clicked in my head & I'm on my way to being debt free!  Exciting times for this chick!

That's all I've got for today!  I realize some of my things that I'm thankful for are cliche & cheesy but, whatever - it's what I'm thankful for!

What's OK with you today?  What are YOU thankful for today?
Link up at Amber's or Neely's if you want to join in on the fun!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's for Dinner Wednesday

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day, however you spent it!  When I share recipes I usually do them on Friday but, I haven't shared a recipe in a while & I wanted to shake things up a bit!  

This week's recipe is: Stew or Cowboy Stew as we call it!

1 lb ground meat (I used ground turkey)
1 medium potato - peeled & diced
1 can of corn
1 can of carrots
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 packet of Cream of Mushroom gravy mix
1 packet of Brown gravy mix
1 packet of Home Style gravy mix
1 packet of Pork gravy mix
1/2 tbsp. Dried minced onion

Dice the potato & boil in a pot with 6 cups of water
While the potatoes are boiling, brown your meat
Once your ground meat is browned, add it to the pot of potatoes & water
Drain the corn, carrots & tomatoes & add into the pot
Add in the 4 packets of gravy mix & the dried minced onion
Let it get to a rolling boil & then turn down your heat
Let it stand for about 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally - don't let it burn on the bottom!  :)

& VOILA!  Cowboy Stew!


This recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight meal or a Sunday afternoon linner = Lunch/Dinner!  It made enough for Matt & I both to have full portions for dinner & lunch the next day, plus a little more left over.

***I would normally use fresh vegetables to put in the stew but, this was a last minute meal & the canned veggies made it SUPER easy!  When I use fresh veggies I would use 2 ears of corn, 3-4 large carrots, 1-2 medium tomatoes & 1/2 of a purple onion.

Hope y'all enjoy!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy 1,095...

Days together!

On this day, 3 years ago I met the love of my life!

I cannot put into words just how much I love you & how much you mean to me, Matthew!  Through all the ups & all the downs, it's been the best 3 years of my life & I cannot imagine it any other way!

1st Anniversary - Feb. 2010

2nd Anniversary - Feb 2011

I can't wait for our special dinner date tonight!  I love you with all my heart!

Here's to the first 1,095 days together & many, many more!

Love always,


You can read how I met my Valentine by default, here.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Whether it be flying solo & hanging with your best girlfriends or with that special someone... Make the best of it & make some memories!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello! My Name is...

Pronounced: Shay-na  :)

Yes, I know... most of you know my name.  Anyways, tonight I'm linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup for Get Your Blog Out There Linkup!

In order for you to get to know me a little bit better, I thought I would tell you a few things about moi & this here little blog of mine!  So, lets get started!

About: All From My Kitchen, My Home & My Life
I started this blog almost a year ago to talk about my love of cooking.  I really loved it at first & did enjoy it.  However, it got to be more of a job for me.  It was just a bit more than I bargained for.  Between keeping up with work, life & everything in between,  I was trying to also cook meals to blog about, come up with some "fun food tips" or what have ya & bottom line it just got to be too much for me.  I was a hot mess of a blogger & I quickly found myself not enjoying blogging.  & that's not what I started it for.

So, I changed things up a bit.  You can read my little remix here.  Now, I blog about anything & everything!  From clothes & jewelry, fun weekends full of partying or laying low at the casa & everything in between! 

About: Me - Shayna
I am a mid-twenties girl, living my life in the wonderful state of Texas.  I have a full time job at a local police department where I've worked for just over 4 years.  I didn't finish college because I had too much fun partying...Whoops!  When I do finish college I envision completing my degree in Education, maybe.
I have a boyfriend whom I love dearly & we have 1 fur baby named Bingham.

I love shopping - for clothes, house decor, anything!  I'm a hopeless romantic & love all the lovey dovey movies!  Plus, some funny ones too!  I dream of traveling the world but, imagine I'll be retired before I get my chance.  I grew up in a small town & now live right in the middle of the city - loving every minute of it!  If you want to know more about me you can check out a guest post I did here!

I absolutely love blogging & the friends that I've met through this fun little blogging world!  My blog is a work in progress & I enjoy everything new that I learn - I do my best to share everything new that I learn with others also!  A special thanks to my fellow blogger & irl friend Erin, who got me started blogging in the first place!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you all stick around for more to come!  Be sure to check out Neely's link-up to find some more great bloggers to follow... because I know you need more!  DO IT!


Weekend Rundown!

Happy Monday y'all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  

I did!  It was sort of busy & sort of not.  Just what I needed though!

My Aunt Cindi & I had a girls day in Ft Worth - lunch, shopping, antique shopping/browsing/dreaming
It was a great day & I'm so glad that I got to spend the whole day with her!  She's a special lady in my life!

Friday night...
My Aunt Cindi, Matt & I all went to a rodeo that my baby brother was announcing.  It was his first for real gig so we were there to support!  He better be glad that we all love him because when we got back to the truck at 10pm, it was 37 degrees outside!

Was a pretty lazy morning.  Matt, my Aunt Cindi & I slept in late, hung out at the house & talked about fun adult stuff... ya know, bills, budgeting, future endeavors, etc., etc.
We got Aunt Cindi to the airport on time to go back home to Corpus Christi.
Had lunch at Chipotle with some friends that we don't get to see very often.
& wen to dinner with Matt's parent's, brother & sister-in-law & 2 nephews for Matt's Dad's birthday.
He turned 71 last Thursday!  Happy Birthday Poppa Yancey!

What a rough day!  We did absolutely nothing!
EXCEPT, catch up on our TV shows & make the couch our throne.
I am not ashamed in the least bit.
Winter, finally came... really it did!  It was in the low 40's yesterday.
Perfect day for being lazy & lounging around!
So lazy that I didn't even go shopping for a dress for our date tomorrow night!?

It's a rainy Monday here in the metro-plex & I must say it's not too bad!  I was hoping for a lot of snow & ice throughout the night but, Mother Nature wasn't so giving.  Alas, I'm working my tail off to earn another dollar!  Someone's gotta do it!

Have a great rest of the day!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Dress!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  & it just so happens to be mine & Matt's 3 year anniversary as well!  This year we're planning to have a nice dinner date & then maybe do something else around town. 

I've been trying to figure out what I'll wear for our special date night & here are some dresses I found that I absolutely fell in love with!

Old Navy - Pink Belted Tunic

Alice + Olivia - Soleil ruche silk-blend
Soleil ruched silk-blend dress by Alice + Olivia
P.S. This is way out of my budget but, if I could find something similar I would grab it in a heart beat!

Dorothy Perkins - Orange Ruffle front dress

Word to the wise ladies... this one is on sale for $17!  Plus, many more on her mid-season sale!

Dorothy Perkins - Pink one shoulder cape dress

This one is on sale too!

Old Navy - Color-Blocked Charmeuse Dress
Tried this one on the other day in the store & they didn't have my size!  :(  But, I loved the dress!

I'll be on the hunt this weekend to find a dress that is just right for me for our special date night!  Cross your fingers for me that I find something, please!?



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