Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hot Mess ---> Heck Yes!

Hey y'all!  As I mentioned in this post, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday organizing this hot mess!

Now, before I get into how I transformed this space, I must say that I got my inspiration from Kate at The Small Things Blog - I found her via Pinterest & LOVE her blog!

With our house being small & only have 2 bedroom closets, I knew I wold need to get creative with this organization project.

My goal was to:
-Organize the mess of shoes on the floor
-Weed out purses that I no longer carry on top
-& organize my scarves & gloves & other stuff on the second shelf

Oh, did I mention I wanted to do this on a $30 budget?  Oh yes, $30 was my budget.

I picked up this shoe shelf from Target
& yes, I put it together all on my own!  :)  (It really wasn't that hard).

I also picked up these three cloth baskets from Marshall's & Target

After pulling everything out of my closet, except for the hanging clothes because I went through those a couple of months back, I went through my purses, gloves, scarves, shorts, shoes & bags to see which ones I wanted to keep & which ones I wanted to put in the sale pile.

After my piles were separated I organized my gloves in the small green & white chevron basket, my beanies in the solid green basket & my caps & bandannas in the brown basket.
I places the purses I don't use all of the time on the top shelf.

Water shoes, shorts, tanks & ski pants on the other sides.

With the shoes organized on the shoe shelf & shoe rack on the closet door, this is the final product:

The totals cost of this closet organization was...


A little over my budget but, the cloth baskets were a little more than I planned on spending.  All in all I think I did pretty well & I'm excited to see my newly organized closet every time I walk in my room!

My goal now is to keep my closet looking like this!  Wish me luck!

Have you done any "Spring cleaning" or organizing lately?  



  1. Seriously, awesome before and after! I need to get some bins for in the hall closet and the regular closet!

  2. I love spring cleaning!!! I love the feeling after its all done and the house looks amazing. :)


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