Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liebster Award!

Yesterday morning, Miss Erin left me a message letting me know she had given me a Liebster Blogger Award!  My very first blogger award...Thanks girl!!!

Erin writes over at The Swanky Southern Yankee
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She was one of the first blogs that I started following & I looked forward reading her post everyday, I still do.  We both cross our fingers & say prayers for each other every small holiday that comes around... hoping one of us will be engaged!  Erin is hilarious & has the best humor!  Her sense of style is great & I try to learn what I can from her!  If you haven't read Erin's blog... get on it!

Here's the Liebster Award rules:

1) Acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them - Check!

2) Give this award to 5 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and let them know through a comment on their blog - Getting there!

3) Post the award on your blog - Check!

& the Liebster Awards go to....

Nicole @ Prairie Princess
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I secretly live vicariously through Nicole.  She lives in a small town, in middle of no where Montana with her husband. I'm jealous.  She writes about her everyday life of living on a farm & everything else that comes with living in a small town - I love it!

Kelli @ Southern Blessed Life
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Kelli also lives on a farm with her hubs - the farmer - & adorable three kids.  She writes about their life on the farm, her family & all things western/chic & bling!  & for anyone who is interested she yells, "Rollll Tide!!!'

Kathleen @ Carrie Bradshaw Lied

I love Kathleen's sense of home decorating!  Everything from tree stump side tables to fur rugs & the perfect chandelier in her hair & makeup room - girlfriend has it going on!  Plus, she's a bargainista - who doesn't love bargains!?

Erin @ It's All About "E"
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Erin is one of my IRL friends.  You've heard seen me mention her before - she's the reason I started this here blog!  HER blog is about all things... well, Erin!  She talks about everything from her fun makeup & hair product finds and shopping steals to hosting parties & her new found love? for DiY projects - she would admit this is a work in progress & I'm proud of her!

Courtney @ Southern Somedays
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After finding out Courtney's love of delicious recipes, adorable southern charm style, & most recently our shared love for the Tone It Up girls... her blog is always a good read!

Please go check out all of these lovely bloggers if you haven't already!  I promise they won't disappoint!



  1. Woohoo! Thanks girl! I appreciate it :)

  2. EEEKKK!!! Thank you sooo much!!! And you are finally in my google reader!! yay yay!

  3. Awe :} Thanks girl
    I will get on this and it will be Fridays post for sure.
    This is a wonderful idea and I just love getting to know new blogs.

  4. Um.....FLATTERED!!!

    Thank you Shayna!! I'm glad you appreciate my sense of humor and don't think I'm a b r a t like CHBoo. And the mom. #rude.

    Anywho -- thank you for making my day!!! XO

  5. YAY! Thank you so much for featuring me, that is so sweet! I will get this up on my blog sometime this weekend! Thanks again:)XO!


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