Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amy goes Skiing!

Meet Amy

Hey GIRLS!! My Name is Amy,

My Girl Shayna asked me to do a guest post and I was
I blog about my love for Pinterest, my life and my adventures I run into while
Taking it one day at a time it this crazy place we call Earth!
ANYWAYS- I should really stop the gibberish, and on the the point of this Guest post..

My Favorite "Vacation" Spring Break Ski Trip.

It was my first time to ever ski, I went with my church I attended in
Jr high-HS,
(I currently attend cowboy church now).

We are heading to Red River New Mexico..

Well as we get there we finally get into our rooms the next morning is Ski School.

I'm thinking this is gonna be the bomb I'll catch on quick..blah blah.
So as we are going through the steps of skiing and instructions on
how to do this sport.

We all are FINALLY
approved to go down the
 "Bunny Slopes" aka For the Ones who cant ski"
(as my other girlfriends where skiing the "Black Diamond", they were more experienced then me)..

So we take the ride to the top and start our way down, as we start this ride down, a massive snow storm comes through, let me tell you. This SHIT was crazy! Snow everywhere, I couldn't see anyone in front of me, luckly me and my good friend Erica stuck together through the snow, and managed to find a little cafe rest stop down. SERIOUSLY! this saved our life! As we head to the little girls room me
and Erica realized our hair was frozen STIFF! We literally had to thaw our hair out with the heat dryer for ur hands.. So hear we are drying our hair and thawing our hands out.. Finally the snow storm calms down and we finish our way down to the bottom.
There ya have it my story from one and my only Spring Break!!

Be sure to check Out my blog
Tales of a Small Town Girl


I hope this does NOT happen while I'm in Red River this week!  Thanks Amy for stopping by today!  Y'all be sure to go check out Amy's blog!


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  1. oh no!!! I have got caught in a snow storm on a mountain before at it was no fun!!


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