Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Erin Goes to Key West!

Meet Erin!

Hello ladies! My name is Erin and I write over at The Swanky Southern Yankee.

It's an everyday lifestyle blog that truly has no direction, much like myself.
 I live in Houston, TX with my man-hunk Ken. We just recently found out we're going to be "Mommy" and "Daddy" come late September, so that's making life extra interesting these days.

Ms. Shayna was kind enough to ask me to guest post for her while she's boozing it up, vacationing, sleeping in ... doing things I at the moment, cannot. That's OK though we won't hate her too much for it ;)

Before Ken and I became the nauseatingly cute and "in love" couple we are, we went on a vacation to Key West and it was HELL. Yep, that's right .. I went on a vacation with my baby daddy and it was probably the worst vacation either of us have ever been on. 

We arrived in Key West and instantly were off to a bad start. See, Ken had booked this vacation for us as a Valentines Day gift for me. He's never done a single nice thing for any other girlfriend in that past, so planning this vacation was HUGE business for him. We arrive at the hotel he booked and I really didn't like the looks of things, but I shrug it off because it can't really be that bad can it? Once we checked in and drove to our room and got out of the car, it all went downhill. The hotel was literally FEET away from the Key West airport runway, and a jet started up. Ever stood behind an airplane when it starts up? Its the loudest thing I've ever heard, paired with one disgusting hotel room makes for one cranky Erin.

Fast forward to the next morning. 

Ken finds us another hotel but they only have room for that night (we had one night to go). This wasn't ideal, but it certainly was an upgrade from the night before. We spend the day walking around enjoying the beautiful weather and Ken tells me he has dinner all planned out.

He picked out an adorable Italian restaurant and I had an inkling I was getting something sparkly at this dinner. As the dinner rolls on, I'm realizing no ring is coming which means childish/stupid me is getting more and more moody. By the time we leave dinner, we aren't talking.

The next morning Ken decides he wants to go scuba diving. I instantly wanted to kill him because he knows I will NOT go scuba diving no matter how much you pay me. Well, off he goes and I spend the day on the beach soaking up some rays. 

If you haven't gathered yet that Ken and I came into this relationship unbelievably stubborn and unwilling to compromise, keep reading.

Upon his return, we go to dinner and all I do is b*tch at him for how selfish he was for going scuba diving and leaving me to lay on the beach. This results in us spending our final evening in Key West in separate beds in our hotel room and not speaking until we land in Houston. 

Did I leave a lot of details out? Oh absolutely. I basically ruined our vacation because I was an enormous brat and was completely pouting because Ken didn't propose like I thought he was going to. 

Looking back, I kind of want to smack myself.. but the important thing is I learned a few things from it...

-Research the crap out of your hotels
-No one wants to marry a b*tch.
-Make the best of your sittuation, no matter how lousy it may be.
-I'll still never go scuba diving. Period.

HAHA!  Thanks Erin for stopping by today! Is she not hilarious!?
If you don't follow Erin get over there & do it NOW!



  1. Hysterical post! Hopefully is much more enjoyable for you next time around!

  2. I have been that crazy biotch! So glad that I found my real prince. Thanks for sharing about your vacation. Most of us crazy gals think we're the only ones. Can't wait to start following Erin, too!

  3. This cracks me up. I cant wait to head over to her blog and check it out.
    Thanks for guest posting I now to to follow and meet a new blog.


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