Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have to fore-warn you, I'm getting a little real today here on le blog... Stick around though, you'll learn about me!  

Today, my Mom would be 48 years old young!  :)

I know that I have mentioned my Mom a few times here & made references to her not being alive.  I figured it's time to give you all a little more info? background? story? on all that.

You see, all my life I grew up not having "a story".  We were your average family of 4.  1 Mom, 1 Dad, a daughter & a son.  We were of average income & both parents worked.  My brother & I both active in sports & other activities.  Hardly ever got in trouble & went to church every Sunday morning.

Until that one miserable day in July 2000.  I don't even remember the exact date to be quite honest with you.  It was the summer of between my 7th & 8th grade years.  My parents sat my brother & I down & carefully explained that my mom has cancer.

I did nothing but, sit in shear terror & then I screamed to the roof tops!  I was terrified.  The only thing I had to relate to someone having cancer was my great aunt who battled bone cancer for 2 years & passed away!
All I could think was...
Why!?  Why MY mom!?  Why MY family!?
I didn't understand it then & I can't honestly say that I fully understand it now.

My mom was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at the young age of 36.  If you know anything about Colon Cancer, you know that it is more common in men over the age of 50.  This wasn't her!

Long story short, my Mom battled Colon Cancer for 6 years.
She was the most courageous, determined, faithful woman I've ever met in me life.
I know now that God had a special plan for her.
Doesn't mean that it's fair or that I agree with it but, it was His plan for Her & She fully accepted it.
She knew that these were the cards she was dealt & she played them the best she knew how.
You see, my Mom never asked "Why her" & never complained.  Honestly, never!  She was a saint!
She was just determined that cancer was NOT going to run her life.  She WOULD live her life the way she wanted & carry on.

After 6 long, grueling, eventful, crazy & even fun years, God called her to be with him on June 3, 2006.
It was THE worst day of my life.

However, I've come a long ways in the past almost 6 years since my Mom has been gone.
There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of Her & miss Her like crazy!
Of course I'm terrified to go through the rest of my life knowing that she doesn't physically get to be a part of it but, I know she's having one heck of a time living the good, good life!

Every year I try to do something special for my Mom's birthday.  Whether it be fix her favorite meal, go to her favorite type of restaurant or visit the cemetery & take her flowers or balloons... I always try to make her birthday special just like she did mine.

So, here's to you Mom!  Happy Birthday to the most perfect woman I know!  I love you & miss you every single day!

If you were here, I KNOW we would be going out for Margaritas tonight!  I'll be sure to have one for you!  :)


P.S.  This post is in no way meant for anyone to throw a pitty party for myself or my family.  This is the life we have been given by God & I rejoice in it each & every day!  


  1. this brought tears to my eyes. she was beautiful & i know she would be so proud of you!

  2. I just got a little teary eyed reading this! You have an amazing attitude towards your situation....something that a lot of people do not have! I'm saying a little prayer for you and your fam today!!

  3. Oh, my dear sweet friend I am so sorry :( It really hurts my heart, because I have all of the same pictures with my mom-with her wearing the bandanas, the relay for life team. My mom battled breast cancer 3 years ago and I am SO fortunate that she is still with us. Your attitude towards this being God's plan is so admirable and courageous. Happy Birthday to you, momma!

  4. Shayna, this brought me to tears. I could feel every word of what you were writing. It took me back to just two short weeks ago when I had to accept that my Mom had cancer and wouldn't be with us much longer. I saw that same strength in her that you saw in your Mom! They were SUCH strong women!

    I can tell that you have that very same strength. It's so painful knowing they won't be here physically with us but I know they are watching over us and finding other ways to guide us. I'm so glad I read your comment on Katie's blog and that you shared this post with all of us. I know it wasn't easy but these moments and memories in life shape who we are :) Sending you big hugs!! xoxo

  5. Shayna, Thank you so much for writing about this. It's really brave to be able to put a story like this out there, but it was unbelievably inspirational to read it and see how incredible of an attitude you have about it!


  6. Wow, this story was really touching and I know how strong you must be just to be able to write this and have such an incredible attitude about all of it. I am sure that your mom is smiling down on you and is so proud of you.

  7. Shayna, your wonderful personality is so much like your mom! I think about your mom every day. Almost ALL my favorite memories growing up include her! Mudfights at the stables in Corpus when the water troughs overflowed, riding horses to the 'ice house' eating pumpkin seeds-I could never eat them again:) Kathi went to California with us when we were 14. I taught her all the German curse words that Grandma and Granpa had taught me. Grandma Elma laughed and laughed when we tried to get the pronunciation down pat:) We visited our Great aunt Irene and Uncle Carl in L.A. Uncle Carl took us to church with him and my mom. A lady started speaking in tongue and screaming, we never could figure out what) but Kathi and I started laughing (as we usually did when we were together) and we couldn't stop. I will NEVER forget it. My Catholic mom tried to maintain composure and Uncle Carl got up and sat between me and Kathi. We also went to Nashville together-made up stupid roadtrip songs about everyone in the car. Laughed soooooooo much. When I moved to NY she called and left me a message once. Now, you have to say this with your mom's accent: HI, this is your cousin Kathi....After listening to it, Dave turned around and said,'Is that the way she really talks? he loved it and played it over and over. I need to write down the stories and send them to you. So many fun times with her and her family. So, happy bday to your mom. She made us all better, happier people. So, cheers to your mom and you. Enjoy that margarita.

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog through confessional Friday, you are such a fighter!! I lost my dad at a young age, so while I can't say "I know what you are going through", I can say I'll be thinking of you!

  9. I just stumbled upon your blog through confessional Friday, you are such a fighter!! I lost my dad at a young age, so while I can't say "I know what you are going through", I can say I'll be thinking of you!

  10. I can still hear your mom's voice. We worked together for a few years at Harcourt, and she always had a ready laugh and wonderfully sunny outlook on everything! I remember when she was pregnant with your brother, and how much she loved being your mom. She would be so proud to know you are happy, healthy and living life fully.

    Hugs to you!

  11. Shayna,

    This was beautiful and touching. My mom and your Mom resembled eachother (I think atleast!). Both beautiful women and smiles. Your mom passed 1 day after mine. It's been so hard for me but I do believe God had a diff. plan for her. Hugs to you!


  12. Oops. I meant one day after my Mom- but my Mom passed back in 2001. Sorry for confusion!


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