Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's All About "E" in {Punta Cana}

Meet Erin

BIG HELLO to all of Shayna's readers!!! While Shayna is being the cutest ski bunny in Red River, she asked me to share with you guys and gals my all time favorite vacation!!

I am Erin from It's All About "E"!!!

All About "E"

Since being a newly wed (4 months this month!) I am still very partial of our honeymoon! It was honestly the best trip I could have asked for!

Z and I stayed at the Excellence Resort in Punta Cana for 4 nights and 5 days!

After a year of wedding planning and traveling all day, this sunset paradise was just what we needed!

This is our amazing room with a Jacuzzi tub inside and out!

This was our HUGE inside jacuzzi tub...Z really loved it!

This was our amazing balcony that overlooked the ocean and had a jacuzzi outside....Z may or may not have fallen down those steps....

These are the most amazing alcoholic drinks ever and named Cocoloco for a reason...I drank these every day they were available and may have had too many our first night there! (don't mind the ash tray, not ours!)

Every morning after breakfast, Z and I would stake out the perfect spot at the pool to get sun and a nap in! I think I napped more than I actually swam!

This is one of our first nights at the resort...It was Dominican was not great but the party was fun!

That night we came back and the cleaning ladies had left us a surprise!!

We met some great newly weds, Zack and Jessica, we hung out with them all week long and had so much fun! Randomly they live in Kansas City where I lived for a short stint in 2nd grade!

Hands down the funniest and best night of the honeymoon is when my husband got up the nerve to enter into a Michael Jackson dance off! Now my husband is not a dancer or attention lover whatsoever (opposites attract...I love all attention) so for him to get up and dance much less dance like Michael Jackson was hilarious!

The only dance move he really knew was the grabbing of the package area!

I seriously have never laughed so hard in my life!!

With everything crazy going on in Mexico, Punta Cana is definitely the place to go if you want beautiful water and white beaches! The people who work at the resorts are so nice and make sure that you have the best time possible!

We hope to go back soon....maybe renew our vows on our 5th wedding anniversary??!!

Thanks again for letting me entertain you guys today! I know Shayna is having a blast and I can not wait to hear about her trip when she returns!



Thanks Erin for sharing your amazing honeymoon vaca with us!  I can't wait to have a get away like that... soon!   Don't forget to check out Erin's blog also!


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  1. Erin I follow your blog already due to Shayna introducing me to it.

    This is so great, we have been to Mexico and I want to go somewhere different and was thinking Punta Cana but didnt know where to stay or how great things are so have been researching on Tripadviser.
    Will def have to go now.
    Vegas has Cocolocos and I love them!


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