Monday, March 12, 2012

Prairie Pricess Goes Cruising!

Meet Nicole!

Since Shayna decided to go on vacation without all of us (how rude, right?!?!), she asked a couple of other bloggers like myself to come keep ya'll entertained. First of all, I'm from Montana and don't usually say ya'll. But I feel it's appropriate since Shayna is from Texas and this is her blog, and my best friend in real life is from TX. That makes me almost Texan, right? Right.

Ok for name is Nicole and I blog over at Prairie Princess. I live on a 10,000 acre farm/ranch with my husband's family where we grow wheat and raise cattle. It is about 12 miles outside of town...and I use the term "town" loosely...said town has 1,000 people. The nearest Target is 140 miles away. I LOVE guns, my dogs, my husband, and our cows, which I affectionately give names like Justin Beefer and Britney Steers. Come say heeeeeeyyyyyyy to me!

Since Shayna is on a little spring break right now, she wanted us to share what our favorite spring break has been.

So, in college, Spring Break is usually a HUGE deal.
Mine wasn't.
My first spring break I went home to visit my family, work, and ended up spending half of the week in bed with the flu. Awesome.
The second spring break in college was awesome, mostly because I traveled to Portland with friends, ended up finding some other friends from our college in MT out at a house party in a town south of Portland, rode around with one of them in the trunk of my car, and then got pulled over by the highway patrol on the way home. Got out of that ticket, because apparently the cops in Oregon think we don't have a speed limit in Montana. Hey, I wasn't going to argue with him! (Side note, we didn't have a speed limit on highways about 15 years ago...the speed limit was "whatever is safe and prudent" Seriously).

The other college spring breaks don't really ring any fun bells, so I would have to say the BEST vacation I ever took was a year ago when my husband Patrick and I took a cruise to Mexico-specifically Costa Maya and Cozumel....

Did I mention said cruise and airfare were FREE??? PLUS they gave us $400 CASH for spending money? Yep, that's right! His company paid for us to go. Awesome!

This was St. Patrick's day, which explains the husband's shirt. This was our first port of Costa Maya, where we sweated our balls off and went for a dune buggy ride!

In the dune buggy next to my husband is his former boss, who is a miserable a-hole. In the back, the boss' former girlfriend Amelia. She and I are still friends, but the boss is out of all of our lives, which makes us all MUCH happier! Moving on!

Our second day on land was in Cozumel, where we toured the Mayan Ruins. It was very informative and a great tour! Side note-if you ever go here, bring bug spray! 

There were these big ass iguanas everywhere that started to hiss if you go too close.

Patrick pretty much celebrated St. Patrick's day the whole time we cruised :) Another side not, I've lost 20 lbs since this picture was taken. Woop woop!

Last day on the boat, doing a little mini-golf:

And what's a cruise without taking a pic with your waiter?!!

P.S. his name is Eduardo and I'm friends with him on FB. Thank goodness for that new "translation" button, or I would never understand a word he says on there!

All in all, it was probably the BEST spring break vacation I've had, since it was free, and I got to get away from the 7 feet of snow we had on the ground at the time. It was a wonderful time with my husband, and I look forward to our next one!

Thanks for letting me post Shayna!

Thanks Nicole for sharing your amazing cruise vacation with us!  If you don't already follow Nicole, go check out what she's up to!

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  1. Love guest post,
    The Farmer and I took a cruise in 2008 to the same places. We left out of Mobile during Thanksgiving.


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