Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Ski Trip - Red River, NM

Hey y'all!  As many of you know Matt & I went skiing for a few days last week with a group of friends.

This being my second ski trip ever, I had quite a bit of fun!  Last year & this year we went to Red River, NM.  It's a super small town that I absolutely fell in love with last year but, it's perfect for new skiers like myself & families too!  OR those of us who don't have families yet!

Here's a recap of our trip in pictures! 

If you recall, we went to my best friend's wedding first on Saturday evening & from there we started our journey to Red River!
After driving until about 3:30am Texas time we decided to stop in Tucumcari, NM & stay the night.  The next morning we made a stop at a Big K-Mart - haven't been there in YEARS!  HAHA!

Historical Route 66 runs right through town... I HAD to snap some pics!

I'm a sucker for old timey signs like this one!

93 mile stretch of road... a long, long ways!

Driving up the mountain pass

Town of Red River

Part of our group at the Lift House, bottom of the face of the mountain

Hannah & I

Daily lunch on the mountain top

My skiing partner Kim & I

At the top of the ONLY blue I took on that weekend!

Bottom of the blue

From the lift looking at the mountain top cafe

Goodbye New Mexico!

Hello Texas!

Well, that was our trip!  We had SO much fun & I cannot wait to go back!  Kim & I decided that we'll be taking on more blue slopes next year so we can keep up with the rest of the gang!  No more baby slopes for us!

Do you enjoy skiing?  Are you one who does tricks off the black diamonds or one who enjoys taking it easy on the greens?  (Like me!)


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  1. Looks like you had a blast. Loved the pictures and Im glad your back Love


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