Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey y'all!

Oh yeah!  I'm supposed to be working out EVERYDAY!

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened this week.  Monday was a cluster %&#$.  Tuesday Mother Nature felt it was best to inflict as much pain upon me as possible.  What a biatch!

Finally, today I felt much better & got my rear in the gym!

It felt SO good to get in a good cardio session... 3 miles to be exact!  I know for some of you this is a warm-up but, I was proud of myself!

I've been using these for a little reminder & inspiration when I'm feeling not-so-excited about my date with the gym...

put some umph in it.


I've realized that sometimes the truth hurts but, it's EXACTLY what we need most!

Have you worked out this week?  How has it made you feel?

Stay motivated ladies!  It's not always easy but, it WILL be worth it!



  1. I haven't had time this week, due to my concealed weapons class! It's taken up a lot of extra time, but I'm hoping next week is more normal...also with a busier schedule, it's harder to eat well, so I've gone a little over my calories each day :( Uuuugghhhhh....I feel like crap! Hopefully next week is nicer to me!

  2. My man decided to buy me a new pair of shorts and a sports bra (men are funny they think we will just wear these to the gym...get real) and it inspired me to work out last night - It felt great! Keep your momentum going!


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