Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congrats to G & B!

Happy Tuesday!

As most of you know, Giuliana & Bill Rancic announced yesterday morning on the Today Show that they are expecting a precious baby via gestational surrogate.

Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic

Matt & I both watch their show on the Style Network weekly.  Giuliana & Bill are so funny and work so well together despite their hectic schedules & the rough last year that they have been through - they keep it real.  They are some of the most (seem to be) down to Earth, real people & that's why we love them!

So, congratulations to Giuliana & Bill & Baby Rancic!
I couldn't think of two people who deserve this more!

What do y'all think of the Rancic's BIG news!?



  1. This made me SO happy to read yesterday!!!

  2. I am SO excited for them! Hallelujah!

    My bf watches too :)

  3. I agree I cant be any more happier for them. I have been a fan and love watching how they stay so positive on all the obstacles they have been through. LOVE them


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