Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inspiration Board

Hey y'all!  Happy Thursday!

So, y'all know how I've been chat chat chatting about the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge that I'm doing & how much I've been loving it, right?  I apologize if any of you get a little tired of me talking about it but, Karena & Katrina have made working out fun, & being in shape & leading a healthy lifestyle more obtainable than I  ever thought possible!

I must say after 2 days of workouts (I missed Wednesday's b/c I left my tenni runners @ home - whoops!) from my booty cheeks on down, I'm sore!!!  I look like a grandma trying to get up & down off the couch or my chair at work!  Go ahead, visualize & laugh.  :)  

Karena & Katrina gave us a challenge to make vision boards so that we can have something to look at & remember why we're doing what we're doing.  And when we have a down or off day, I can look at my board & stay motivated!  So, here's my board!

(Click the picture to see the whole image)

Some of these I have on my work computer as my screen saver but, now this will be my computer background!

If you're wondering how I did the collage, no I'm not a computer genius.  Sorry.
However, Miss Erin posted just yesterday about how to make your pictures look all cool & cute for FREE!  (I'm all about it!)
So, I found all of my pictures on Pinterest & used Picasa to make the collage!
You can also use PicMonkey to make your pics look all cool like Instagram does, but better!

Have you ever made an inspiration board?



  1. Great bored!! I have that pic of Carrie Underwood's legs saved in my favorites on my computer...haha maybe one day!!

  2. I haven't made one, but I think I should...and put copies of it all over my fridge, freezer and cabinets where I keep my snacks!

  3. Love this board! You are doing great girl! I am going to steal your idea and put it as my background at work!


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