Monday, April 16, 2012

Remember when...

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday!
Not much to tell about our weekend except that I did a craft fair on Saturday & set up a booth with my Pampered Chef goodies!  Despite the weather looking a little gloom & doom, it was a great day!
Sunday, I FINALLY finished my taxes - just in time, I know!  

Do y'all happen to remember when Matt & I were going on our ski trip but, on our way out of town we went to my best friend's wedding?  You may also remember that the weekend before her wedding I helped throw her a Bachelorette party?
Well, I still have not shared any of those fun times with y'all!
Forgive me please?

For your Monday reading pleasure let's start with the Bachelorette party!
1 word to describe what took place this night: Shenanigans.
All of the ladies at the winery for tastings

The bride to be!

After the wine tasting we ate dinner at a local Brick Oven Pizzeria where you could BYOB!

After dinner we went back to Kimberly's house for a Pure Romance party!
Cake courtesy of Blue Bonnet Bakery in FW.

Cake table

Gift table

***The cake was cut, gifts were opened & crazy games took place!  Pictures not appropriate for the WWW***

Luckily, Kimberly survived her Bachelorette party so she was able get hitched the following weekend!

Due to mother nature Kimberly & Chisam's original wedding plan was changed a little bit.
Since it was raining they had to move the wedding in doors to where there wasn't enough room for guest to be.  So instead, they had the ceremony with the immediate families & joined everyone at the reception!  It was perfect!

The beautiful bride!  This was her Grandmother's wedding dress that Kimberly found after her Grandmother passed, just a week before Chisam proposed.  The dress fit like a glove - no alterations  needed!

Matt & I

KayLynne, a college friend & I

KayLynne & hubs Ryan

College friends!!!

Kimberly & I - she changed into her reception dress

Unfortunately Matt & I had to leave early that night to start our drive to Red River.
I was so sad to leave, I practically went kicking & screaming!
But, it was all perfect & was so much fun!


Today starts the Tone It Up Summer Bikini Challenge!  It's an 8 week challenge with new workouts for every. single. day!  I participated in this challenge last summer & LOVED it!  Tone It Up also has a community where you can chat with others in your area & it's great for motivation!  You can find me here in the community!  Find me & friend request me!

Who else is doing the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge!?  I really can't tell y'all just how excited I am about this challenge!  It's going to be sooo much fun & I know I will start seeing results quickly!

Hope y'all have a great Monday & a great week!



  1. I LOVE a good Pure Romance Party! So I have a question...I saw one of Pampered Chef's hamburger chopper upper thingies, and I want one! Can I order it through you?

  2. What a fun party. Love all the pictures can tell it was a blast had!!!

  3. Ohhh I need to check out the Tone It Up Challenge! The countdown is on to Mexico in 3 weeks, and Bahamas in 2 months - ahhh!

  4. YAY Bachelorette parties are so much fun!! What is this challenge all about?? I should participate....My wedding is in 9 weeks EEK!!!


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