Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Rundown & Falling Off Track

Hey y'all!  Well, this weekend was a busy one for us but, it was a good one!

On Friday we went to the Main St Arts Festival to see a Florida band play.  
Of course we had to get our grub on first...

& then over to the festival
I love that there is so many awesome events that happen right in the middle of our great city!

Saturday we had some errands to run & went to see Matt's parents.  While we were in Graham I stumbled into this awesome antique store just off the square!  When I walked in the lady explained the history of the store to me - it was an old jail where back in the day 2 prisoners escaped.  Long story short one of the John Wayne movies was based on those events!  How cool is that!?

Instead of shopping on Sunday like I wanted to do Matt & I went on a bike ride with my Dad & a few other couples.  It was such a gorgeous day, we couldn't resist!

What did you do this weekend!?


On another note, with all the fun we had this weekend I completely fell off track working out & eating right!  I have beat myself up all day about it & it's so frustrating!  What's worse is that we are going to a big music festival this upcoming weekend.  Yes, I'm excited to go & have a great time however, I'm already dreading all of the beer & fried foods that will be taken in!  Since I don't want to blow up like a balloon by the end of the weekend, I'm planning on taking some healthy snacks!

I'm already planning on taking Sweet Potato Chips & a healthy version of Chicken Salad.  Instead of beer I'll be taking along my Vodka/soda water & Skinny Girl Margaritas.

Have I missed anything here?  Do you have any "healthy" snacks that I should take along this weekend?

Thanks in advance for any help ladies!



  1. I just tried the Skinny Girl Margarita for the first time this past weekend and I love it. Weekends always seem to knock me off track and it doens't help when the bf can eat whatever!

  2. If you like vodka you should get Cucumber Vodka, fresh lemon and mix with water...barely any calories, low sugar and delish!

  3. I think you're already doing great by planning ahead! I fell off this weekend too...but back on track this week!

  4. Get pregnant like me. That solves the alcohol problem REAL quick.. grrrr


  5. Don't beat yourself up!! You'll do great this weekend and if not, no one but you will know ;) Kidding... but the thing with drinking is that I always get the munchies and that's when I start downing the calories. Just make sure to eat a small snack every couple hours to stay full :)


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