Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Bikini Challenge - Check In!

Happy Friday!!!  So, I know that I told y'all I would be sharing my last weekends shenanigans today but, I fibbed.  Instead, I'm linking up with some fellow bloggers & Tone It Up ladies for a weekly "check up" of sorts of our workouts & how the challenge is going.

I missed last weeks link-up due to boozing it up by 2 pm so, I'll be re-capping the last 3 weeks!!!

My Beautiful, Crazy Life


I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed the Under the Sea workout!

It's all new toning moves & nothing that too difficult... except for the Seahorse!  I probably looked a little ridiculous in gym trying to keep my balance & NOT face plant on the way down.
I kept up with my cardio every day, even if they didn't have it in the challenge.  I think cardio is so important & I actually enjoy doing it.  
The Bikini Strap workout is an oldie but, a goodie!  I loved it!
Overall, week 1 was a great start & I was very excited about what else was to come!


HOW in the world did they know what my mornings were like when they posted this!?!?
I didn't get up for a Booty Call once that week - I'm not a morning person & waking up at 5 am just hasn't happened.
I did love the Beach Ball workout on Tuesday.  I don't have a medicine ball so I improvised with a 5lb weight.
I can say that I have been VERY good about drinking A LOT of H2O throughout the challenge & even before.  Everyday I drink at least 2 large glasses of water while at work and then 2-3 bottles of water in the evenings while at home.  Yes, I pee all of the time but, I can feel the difference in my body & when I don't have enough water, my body screams for it!
This week I did my best to workout everyday because I knew that we would be out of town for 3 days & not feel like doing anything on Sunday when we got back home.


Well, there's not much to say here.  I've been eating decently everyday since we've been home but, it's been difficult bouncing back.  However, I did manage to make it to the gym yesterday & got a good cardio session in - it felt GREAT!  I'm headed to the gym today to get in an extra long cardio session & a couple of the toning workouts that I missed this week!  I'll also be stopping by the gym on Saturday & Sunday of this weekend.  I can't fall behind again like I did this last week.  I know what I want & what I need to do to get there so, it's GO TIME!

If you made it through this, congrats!  I know it was lengthy but, it's important for me to check in & see how I've been doing!  I think knowing I'm "checking in" each Friday will make me more accountable - don't want to be a complete failure & have to tell y'all about it!!!

Have you been doing the Tone It Up 2012 Bikini Challenge?
If so, tell us about it & link up!
Even if you haven't been doing the Bikini Challenge but, have been working out & making a better YOU, tell us!
We're all here for encouragement & to help each other stay accountable!

Happy Friday!  I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!



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