Thursday, May 10, 2012

25 Things You May {or May Not} Know

Hey y'all!  Happy Thursday!  How's everyone's week going?  Only one more day & it's the weekend!  Can I get a "Heck Yessss!"?  HECK YESSSS!!!!

So, my girl Hilary tagged me in a post that I just have to play along with!
A while back I joined Amy & some other fellow bloggers for 25 Fun Facts of Your Favorite Bloggers.  If you haven't seen it... well, what are you waiting for, GO CHECK IT OUT!

TODAY, I'm here to share 25 more facts about moi that you may or may not know!
You're thrilled, aren't you?
Good!  Because I am!

Where shall I start...

1. I've owned 4 cars since I was 16 - 2 in the last year.

2. Up until the last couple of years I've never been one for working out.  I can't get enough of it now!

3. 10 years from now I picture myself married (to Matt), bebes running a muck in the house & a happy, healthy life.

4.  I'd give anything to sell my car for an SUV but, I'm reminded on my daily 20 mile drive to work why the Honda was a smart, adult-like choice.

5. I hate, yes HATE having to make adult decisions.

6. I still log into my MySpace account from time to time to listen to my music play list.  I had some good tunes back in the day!  & It's funny to see where everyone left their MySpace the last time they logged in!  HAHA!

7.  The RHONJ literally gives me anxiety.  All of their Teresa's yelling & cat fighting seriously stresses me out.  Alas, I still watch!  HA!

8.  Speaking of Real Housewives... I'm not so sure about the 3 new ones from New York.  Guess I'll have to watch & see but... Eh.

9.  As am sure by now you can tell that I L-O-V-E reality TV... I'm SUPER excited for The Bachelorette to be coming back on... THIS NEXT MONDAY!!!

10.  I'm so thankful for Pinterest.  I haven't started planning our wedding yet (because we're not engaged yet, duh!) but, when I do I know I'll be referencing back to my wedding board all. of. the. time!

11.  Speaking of Pinterest & getting married, I showed Matt my wedding board one night (because he asked) & he actually liked it!  Of course he would though... I have great taste!  :)

12.  One day when we do get married & when we do have kids, I pray that I can be a SAHM!  Better get to paying off more debt!!!

13.  I've seriously considered cutting my hair here recently.  Lucky for me my hair lady will NOT let me.  Thank God for her.  I would hate myself if I actually went through with it, again!

14.  I hope that I can be half as much inspiration to others as the Tone It Up community has been for me!

15.  I'm a bargain shopper at heart.  My Mom taught me to just go straight to the sale racks.  Nothing is worth paying full price for!  Plus, when you get a good deal on something it's that much sweeter!

16.  For the last 2 years I've felt completely uncomfortable about my body in a swim suit... Part of my goals for getting into shape is to change that feeling.  I want to have a great bod, know it & rock it.  Not just this Summer but, for forever!

17.  I only have 2 tattoos but really want more.  However, Matt says "he would like for me to not have anymore" & I told my Dad a long time ago that I wouldn't get anymore.  What's a girl to do!?  I'll dream & be thankful I don't have anymore than 2 when I'm 60!

18.  The fact that a blogger date (I don't like the word "blate") with this girl is in the works makes me very excited!  She was one of my first "blogging friends"!

19.  I love meeting new people!  Therefore, I'm open to more blogger dates!  Let me know if you're in my area or want to meet up!

20.  Most people think that I graduated from college but, sadly, no I have not.  I had just a little too much fun while at school & then life & financial things got in the way & I've never finished!

21.  Even though I wish to be a SAHM one day, I think it's important for me to finish my degree.  I can't stand the thought of failing at school & never finishing something that I started.  Bothers me to no end so that's a HUGE goal on my list!

22.  Even though it doesn't really matter where I get my degree from, I want to finish where I started... Tarleton State University!  Go Texans!

23.  I've always wanted a BIG family!  Like 5 kids.  However, Matt tells me that's not economically realistic... 2 is.  BOO!  (I think he says that b/c he is the youngest of 4 boys & I'm the oldest of 2 - I have a younger brother).

24.  I hadn't dyed my hair 1 time until I was 21... I dyed it completely black!  Worst decision ever!  Now, it's pretty close to my natural hair except the hi-lights.  #Young&Dumb

25.  I take pride in "being from the South".  It's true, it is a privilege being born in the South or below the Mason-Dixon line.  Where life is slower, sweeter & the only kind of tea we serve is sweet tea.

Since I've already done something similar to this before, I thought it would be difficult to do again.  Surprisingly, it wasn't!  

So, here's the rules:
Tag 5 new people + the person who tagged you & write 25 Things about yourself!
Also, let the people that you tagged know that you tagged them!
Easy peasy?  Yep!

So if you're name is below, get to writin'!

Callie @ The Good Life
Chelsea @ Life is a Sunset

That's all I've got for today!  I hope y'all enjoyed it!  I know it was sort of random but, thanks for sticking around & be sure to check out ALL of these bloggers mentioned  here today!  They are all great ladies with fabulous blogs!!!



  1. Shut up on the fact that's where you started and want to finish your degree...both my parents went to school there and my Father played football there which led him to playing in the NFL back in the day. He is still extremely involved in the football program! He actually received a jersey with his number and name on the back a couple of weeks ago. :) Great school!

  2. Aw, Shayna...thanks for doing it again!! I love these. I am so with you...have an Accord for my daily 16 mile commute and let hubs get the SUV ;) - Myspace made me crack up. I wonder if I can find my old account! You're definitely an inspiration to me and I'm not in even in the TIU community! Have fun on your blate ;) When I make it out to TX we will DEF have one!!

  3. Ooh, where to start?? I have a Honda too (I've had it for over 7 years now) and LOVE it! It's hard to justify getting another kind of car when this one is just so fuel-efficient!

    Myspace hahaha. I bet that is crazy to see where people left their pages!

    I want to be a SAHM too one day! I sure hope that can happen :) Also, total bargain shopper! I just can't stand paying full price for anything although I'm not a crazy couponer! I also think it's super cute that you don't like the word "blate" - Now I'll use it all the time just to annoy you ;) LOVED this and getting to know you better!! :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me Shayna! Just completed mine :) I would love to be a SAHM too!!! Dreamed of it forever. Love meeting people too and one of the main reasons I started a blog. Sounds like we have more than a few things in common. Hope you had a good weekend!


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