Monday, May 7, 2012

Hola! Weekend Rundown!

Hola y'all!

What did you all get into this weekend?  We had a little too much fun but, what's life really if you can't or aren't having fun!?

Saturday we had Matt's nephew's 5th birthday party!  He got to have it a Chuck E Cheese's & let me just say that Matt & I both were pretty excited about it!

Here's the birthday boy...
Clearly he's thrilled by me taking his picture!

& here's his silly little brother that is go go go... all of the time!

Playing Skee Ball... Anyone remember this!?  It's my fav!

After we had our fun at Chuck E Cheese's we headed back to Funky Town to do a little celebrating....

Cinco De Mayo style... or as others call it, Cinco De Drinko!

Here's our evening in Instagram pics...

Sunday afternoon was spent pool side & after we grilled steaks for dinner!

All in all it was a great weekend spent with Family & Friends!

What did you do this weekend?
Did you celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Happy Monday lovely peeps!



  1. Man, you guys are always on the go, go, go! Did nothing for Cinco do Mayo other than spending time in my garden and reading a book-big partier, I know!

  2. Girl you look HOT! I love the headband too. I need to get that denin top you have on I just love it.
    Looks like a fun weekend I have a blast at Chucky Cheese.

  3. So jealous of your pool day!!! And I LOVE your little headgear!!! My fav.

  4. Love the headband! Definitely celebrated in MEXICO ;) Oh, I tagged you!

  5. Well you had an amazing weekend! Omg I miss Chuck E Cheeses! Glad you had such a good time celebrating cinco de drinko :] haha


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