Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Larry Joe Taylor 2012

Happy Tuesday y'all!  
Soo... Remember a couple of weeks ago when Matt & I went to a big music festival?
Almost forgot about it?  Well, today I'm re-capping those shenanigans!

Let me tell you some background about Larry Joe Taylor first.
Basically, it's a big music festival where Texas Country music artist play all throughout the day.
It's from Tuesday - Saturday & everyone packs up to go home on Sunday.
You take your best camping gear - or finest red neck camping gear, whatever works for you & have the best time ever!

Matt & I got out there on Friday afternoon and as soon as we got the camper set up, we were off to the main stage!

Matt isn't thrilled about this picture but, it's just too funny!

Headlights are important when you're intoxicated & are walking places that aren't well lit.  True story.

Saturday we were slow moving.  More me than Matt.  Thanks to a hang over && Mother Nature feeling the need to stop by for a visit, I felt as if I was killing over... another true story.
We finally got up & around, went to take showers in town @ a family members house & get some grub!  By the time we got back out to the festival it was party time again!

It was such an honor!

On that note...

I can't wait to go back next year!  It's one weekend where all the cares go out the door & you let loose & have a good time!  All with great friends & cold beer... What more could you want!?



  1. O my gosh, I would die!! Texas country is my favorite. Too much fun!!

  2. You are too much fun! Looks like you had enough of a good time for all of us!

  3. Ah! Looks like so much fun! It's like a redneck woodstock! I love this pic of you!

  4. this looks like so much fun. you look adorable too!


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