Friday, May 18, 2012

My Week in {Photos}

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday!!!
(I'm doing the happy dance!)
Is it just me or has this week sort of drug on by?  I dunno.  What I do know is that I'm thankful it is Friday & I'm looking forward to a great weekend with our friends!

We've been so busy this week & on the go that I don't have a very thought provoking post for you today.  So, I'm just going to let the pictures of the week do the talking... sort of.

1. My bracelet from Chelsea at After Sunset ... You'll have to wait & see it styled next week!
2. Skinny Marg at a birthday dinner Tuesday night
3. Purchased 2 lamps at Hob Lob for $37!!!  That's a bargain if you ask me!

4. Our friend Ross playing at Bar Louie Wednesday night!
5. Thursday night softball game... always so much fun!
6. Bingham catching some fresh air on the way to the softball game.

& Finally! These two songs I cannot get out of my head!
Eric Church - Springsteen  It's cranked up every time it comes on & it's a great Summer jam!
Lee Brice - A Woman Like You  Has to be the most sweetest love song!  A hopeless romantic right here that has been sucked in!

PLUS, both of these guys are pretty easy on the eyes... Just a little bonus!

That's all I've got for today!  I hope y'all have a fab weekend!
Also, be sure to stop by Mrs. Valerie's place on the WWW tomorrow... I'll be guest posting about my hometown!



  1. I am OBSESSED with Eric Church right now, especially that song!!! And yeah, I'd probably jump him if I ever saw him ;)

  2. Ohh guest post- yeah! And I finally got you imported into BlogLovin' so now I can actually keep up! Have a great weekend love!

  3. I love those lamps you picked up ... too cute! Hobby Lobby takes way too much of my money :)

    Just found your blog, and I love it!

  4. Love that lamp - so shabby chic! And you got those for a steal! I love Hobby Lobby or as I call it H to the L :)

  5. I love "A Woman Like You". It's such a great song!

  6. Just came by from V&J. Yall are so cute! Eric Church can do no wrong in my eyes, we listen to his Pandora station all the time. Look forward to reading more!


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