Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Well y'all, we've made it to Wednesday!  Only two more days & it's the weekend!!!
You know, I had a great uncle who told me I shouldn't wish away the week days & I don't, I just have more of a love for the weekends.

Anyways, I hope everyone's week has been going good!
You all know what I'm here for today.... Yep!  You guessed it, I'm linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for...

So, let's get this party started!!!

I died laughing when I saw this!

I guess I must have "baby fever" because I can't quit finding cute little babies!
I am loving this outfit!

This is SO true!
It's true!!!

True talk right here!

Keep Calm...
Keep Calm it's Almost Summer

I LOVE Watermelon & this is too cute!
owl watermelon

I can't wait to float the river this Summer!!!
Can't wait to float the river!

& I can't wait to spend weekends at Possum Kingdom Lake!  Hell's Gate!
Hells Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake

Because this is such an awesome picture... Hell's Gate @ PK Lake!
Possum Kingdom Lake   with a view of   Hell's Gate cliffs

Any of my friends would tell you this is SO me!  LOL!

Until then... I'll just
keep calm & exercise more

Don't forget to link up with Michelle & join in on the fun OR see what everyone else is Pinning!
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Happy Hump Day ladies!

This weeks workouts so far....

Monday's workout - the Lean Legs Pyramid - CHECK! + 30 minutes of cardio!
Tuesday's workout - the Beach Ball Workout + 30 minutes of cardio + 10 minutes of rowing!
(For some reason Tuesday's workout wasn't posted by the time I got to the gym so I'll be doing that leg workout sometime later in the week... when my legs aren't SORE AS ALL GET OUT!!!)

Bring on the rest of the week... I'm ready!!!


I would like to say thanks to Lia for the dinner menu this week!  She does it every week & I think it's a great idea so, I adopted it!  :)


  1. Found your blog through the Pinterest link-up. I am in love with that water melon owl. I have seen a shark version but the owl is so cute.

  2. Hand me the booze and watch me get fabulous!!! Best one I've ever seen ha! Story of my life..

    Can I float the river with you?? So fun

  3. Great pins!! I love floating down the river!!

  4. That watermelon was so cute! I can't imagine how long that took to make... Some people are pretty talented!


  5. I'm so bad about letting one bad day kill my progress. I need to take some of this advice!

  6. I love that baby - I saw her on Pinterest too!! Our good friends (in Dallas!) just had a baby girl on Monday so I hear ya on baby fever ;)

  7. How very pinteresting :)) Want to follow each other doll? Let me know!!

    Belle De Jour

  8. howdy, your websites are really good. I appreciate your work.
    leg workout


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