Monday, May 7, 2012

Shedding the lbs!!!

So, as you all know I've been on a workout kick & trying to really change the way I eat & live my life from day to day.  Well, I'm here to tell y'all that my hard work has been paying off!
Saturday morning Matt & I went to the gym & on our way out we both hopped on the scale.

*Let me just say that I'm not normally a "scale" kind of girl but, it's nice to check it every now & then & see how you're doing!

So, Matt went first & he was down a few pounds!  WOO HOO!
Then, it was my turn!  I nervously stepped on & started messing with the numbers... 
it finally balanced out at 131!!!
When I started working out, a long while back I was at 137.  Then a couple of months ago when I started working out again I weighed 135.  It's not too bad but, I'm not even 5'3"... I can't get any bigger y'all!

As you can imagine, I was over the moon excited about losing those 4lbs!  My goal weight it 125 so I'm not too far from it!  I'm hoping to be at 129 when I weigh in this week!

Here's some of the meals that we are planning on having for dinner this week:

Monday - left overs
Wednesday - Chicken Quesadillas
Friday - "fend for yourself" day or left overs of some sort

I completed my Tone It Up challenge for the day, dinner is done, laundry is in the works... We're off to the grocery store to stock the pantry!

What's for dinner in your casa this week?



  1. GREAT job Shayna! And thanks for your meal planning bc it inspires me to copy you ;)

  2. GOOD JOB! That is awesome. Congrats to you. I just wrote a post about how my diet failed me. Oh well.

  3. Nice work!! That is awesome. I have yet to do a Tone it up workout but keep wanting to! :)


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