Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Rundown... All on 2 Wheels!

Hey y'all & Happy Tuesday!!!

WOW!  What a busy & fun weekend we had!  How was your weekend?
From keeping up with other "weekend post" I think a lot of people had a chill weekend... I'm a little jealous!

Anyways, we spent pretty much all weekend on our motorcycle with other friends & their bikes!

After I worked for a few hours Saturday morning, Matt & I were off with our friends Hannah & Brady for some cruising around Ft. Worth.  We ended the night at a new restaurant The Woodshed & we all loved it!  The atmosphere was amazing, right on the Trinity River with a live band & washer pits.  We didn't eat dinner there but, I've heard the food is amazing so I can't wait to go back for a date night!
Yes, that would be a pig on a skewer

Matt had organized a poker run for us & our friends & that took place on Sunday!  We left our house at 12:30 & didn't get back until 10pm!!!  Although it was a long day, it was super fun!
We made 5 separate stops where we each drew cards & kept score on our cards that Matt made up!

Stop #2 Reno Red's - Green Acres is the place to be!

Stop #3 The Mule Barn - hadn't been there before but, awesome place!
Stop #4 The Spot @ Eagle Mtn. Lake

Pit stop in the Stockyards & (one) of our my WINNING cards!
I actually won 2nd place so I won my $5 back... That Matt lent to me.
With all this luck I should probably go buy a lotto ticket soon!

I'm pretty sure that I'm still recovering from the all the fun that was had!  I must catch up soon because we have another long weekend ahead of us!

What did you do this weekend?
I hope y'all had a great one... whether it was being busy as a bee or maxin' & chillaxin!



  1. How fun does your weekend look!?!?! Ahh I'm jealous of your bikes... seriously such a cool couple!

  2. what a fun weekend - i've never been on a motorcycle. I'm scared!!

  3. Wow, go Matt! That's pretty awesome that he organized that whole thing for you guys-how fun!

  4. Aw, that looks like so much fun. I love your pics...and that pig - WHOA! I haven't done a weekend recap... because I've been recovering :( And I'm afraid to post my festivities at work - so it must wait til tonight!

  5. That poker run looks so fun! We used to do them by boat back when we lived in VA. What a great day!


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