Monday, May 14, 2012

Workout Update & Monday Meals!

Hey y'all!  As you all know I've been in the gym & doing my toning workouts for a while now but, in the last month I have really kicked it in high gear!  I was sooo excited last week to share that I was down a few lbs from the last time that I weighed in & was really hoping that would be the case this week.
However, I'm still at 131... I know that's not bad & at least I didn't gain any weight but, I'm sooo close to my goal weight, yet so far!  Go figure.

Last Wednesday & Friday there weren't workouts posted so I made up my own or did old workouts from the Tone It Up page.
Tuesday I did the Sunkissed Abs workout - it's a new one & I loved it!
Saturday morning I made up my own ab toning routine & of course did my cardio!

TODAY, K & K put together this week's entire workout schedule!  Pure awesomeness!
I did the Under the Sea workout today because I don't have their DVD.
I have a really hard time waking up at 5 am to workout & never have.  So, Matt & I made a deal that He would help me get up at 5 when he leaves for the gym so that I can get in my Booty Call!  Fingers crossed!


What's for dinner!?  (& lunch left overs)

(Instead of sausage I used ground turkey)
Tuesday - fend for yourself, I have dinner with work friends
(Had this on the list last week but, never made it - oops!)
Thursday - Some sort of "breakfast for dinner" 

Do you get up & workout in the mornings?  
What's for dinner in your casa this week?


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  1. I didnt do it this week. Next week Im back on schedule with my meal planning!


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