Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life is Good Today!

Meet Callie...

Hey Y'all!
I am Callie.
Just call me Cal.
If you wanna!

I blog over at The Good Life . Where did that name come from, you ask? Well I had always had this Bible verse on my facebook "about me" section and when I was setting up my blog I just happened to run across it. It was perfect. "He fills my life with good things." Psalm 103:5 Could there be a better name? I think not. Even on my worst days, God is good to me.

Example... Every day as I sit here typing my little life away in this cube, I remember I have a girls beach trip with my Mom. sisters and niece in just two short weeks and a trip to the lake for my birthday 4th of July festivities shortly after that!

Beach/Lake all in one week!
See... life "ain't" so bad! 

I must get beach prepared.

First and foremost is the trusty ole' beach chair!! This is my most important beach accessory bc I spend my day on the edge of the water where the waves hit so I don't die in the blistering sun.

Literally  ass  butt in the water... toes in the sand
not a worry in the world... a cold beer in my hand
I am like a living Zac Brown Song

Secondly is the floppy hat... Serious must. I love a good tan and am not one of those who coats on the SPF 1,000. In my opinion (like it matters), everyone looks better with a little color, but even I know after a little while the face needs to be covered up.

SPF 30... there is no explanation. Wear it.
Or else the rest of your trip is mizzzz....
 and you'll look like Ted..

Good tunes and a few good books are essential. (I can't read while laying out... either my arms fall asleep or neck gets stiff... I don't see how y'all do it... or Maybe I just don't like to read enough.. )

and last but most certainly not least.. no day at the beach is complete without an ice cold beverage... Or 10. My current personal fav is the Shocktop Raspberry!
Delicious stuff.

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

Anywho, Can y'all tell that I am excited for summer? It's been 100 degrees down here in Mississippi for a while, so we are in full swing!

Thanks so much Shayna for having me!!!!
Can I hide in your suitcase?
I need the beach NOW..

Girlfriend, I'll be thinking about you while I'm in Port A!  Thanks for taking over today, Callie!  If y'all have not checked out Callie's space, what are you waiting for!?  Get over there & say HI right now!  Her & hubs Kendol are always on the go like Matt & I, & they are so cute together!


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