Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Rundown!

Hey y'all & Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a great weekend!  I must say, I hope today & tomorrow FLY by because I am beyond ready to be South bound, hittin' the beach & seeing my family!

This weekend was quite busy but, so fun too!
Friday night Matt & I met up with some dear friends of ours who we hadn't seen in a little while - always good to see great friends!
Don't worry friends, the baby did not drink of the brown bottles... only the adults!

As I mentioned on Friday my best friend & I went to Canton on Saturday.  We were shopping before 10 am & didn't get home until 7 pm!  We literally shopped 'til we dropped & it was so much fun!
Here's a few of my finds from our shopping trip!

The 3 burlap pillows- Hope Faith Love - in the middle was my first purchase.  I'm keeping this church pew for a friend & it's current home is in my dining room.  The other pillows I already had & I think they all came together perfectly!

I didn't know where I would place the Fleur-de-lis block when I bought it but, I love Fleur-de-lis & couldn't pass this up for a cool $8!  It fits perfect on my entryway table, which I bought the last time I was in Canton in October... a cool $25 for that table... refinished & everything!

I purchased the two bar stools this weekend & plan on pretty-ing them up with a little paint & some cute outdoor seat cushions will turn these old stools into inviting seats.  My Dad made the table for us a while back, you can see the before & after here!

I have been looking for another fun hat like this.  Every time I find them they cost about $30 or so - I'm not paying that for a hat I won't wear every day!  When I found this one for $18, I couldn't pass it up!  I also found a ring to match for $3 - can't beat it!

& finally, one of my favorite finds all because of how it turned out!  As we were leaving I found this table for $20!!!  Again, I wasn't really sure where it's home would be but, I knew I needed this table!  The top picture is my Mom as a new born & the bottom picture is my Great Grandmother as a baby!  The mason jar & flowers I had in my craft stuff so, I added it for the perfect pop!  I'm just so glad that I get to see these pictures everyday now, as they are very near & dear to my heart!

I also picked up some gifts for some special people this weekend plus, more... & Hiedi got a lot of great things as well!  I can't wait to go back again in a few months!

Cross your fingers that I can get everything packed for our trip this week!  I was dragging yesterday so, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped!  I'm sure I'll be running around like crazy & up late Tuesday night getting all of the last minute items together... never fails!

I may not get back here tomorrow so, y'all have a great week & be sure to check back Tuesday - Sunday for some awesome guest bloggers!!!  I know y'all will love them all!



  1. You had such great finds!! Have a great Monday!

  2. I love every single purchase! Hopefully I'll make a trip in the fall to Canton. And that is one precious baby :)

  3. I love the pillows-they are super cute!

    Don't worry about us over here in what you have to do to get packed! Have FUN!!!

  4. Love the pillows you got - soooo cute! And BTW - you look adorable in that green top girlie! :)

  5. newest follower of your blog!! :) I adore it! please come check out mine some time :D

  6. omg love all of the stuff you got from canton especially those pillows!!! I can not wait to go soon!

  7. wow, you got some seriously awesome stuff! i am in LOVE with that turquoise table :)

    xx brie

  8. Obsessed with your two little corner tables... O my goodness!!!

  9. I love fleur-de-lis too! And that table is an AWESOME find!

  10. love them all!! what great finds u found!!

  11. I wonder where your friend got that church pew. It’s a great piece! By the way, why don’t you try experimenting with more colors for the pillows on that church pew? More vibrant shades of green or blue will be good, as these can easily complement the finish of the pew and the white cloth there.


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