Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Know It's a Rough Morning When...

 - You wake up at 5:45 & should of been up at 5:15

- You then quickly realize that it's in fact Thursday& not Friday

- Still have to shower & get completely ready before you can leave the house

- Leave your breakfast & healthy snacks at home as you rush out the door

- Being about 15-20 minutes late already, your heavy foot gets you pulled over... In the same city you work for the PD!

- Finally arriving to work 25 minutes late

- E-mailing your boss & letting her know you were late & why... hoping she laughs & says "It's ok!"

All in all I know it wasn't that horrible of a morning but, it was more like a domino effect that wasn't going to end!  Thank goodness I'm friends with all of the officers here & he just said in a very stern voice "SLOW DOWN!".  & Luckily, I get to take my time late out of my lunch... whew!  I keep telling myself that today will not be a bad day... just the morning was!

Hopefully your morning wasn't as eventful as mine!



  1. Sounds like an eventful morning already! Hope the rest of your day gets better!

  2. TGIF..tomorrow! It's great having LEO hookups!

  3. i despise those kind of mornings, but who doesn't? So sorry gf! Try to laugh about it and hopefully your day gets better!!! Bright side is that you got out of the ticket!

  4. Ahhhh - hate all of those things that happened to you this morning!! Hope your day is getting better!! :)

  5. Psh... you're engaged girlfriend! Who caressssssss :)

  6. I hope you got out of that ticket!

  7. Sheesh... what a DAY!! I'm so sorry it got off to a rough start. I guess lucky for you, you have some good connections? Haha hoping tomorrow is a million times better!!! :)


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