Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish!

Oh goodness y'all!  I haven't dished about Emily & The Bachelorette in a while!  So, today I'm linking up with Megan @ More from Meg for the gab party!

For starters, let me say a big 'o Texas THANK YOU to Miss Emily for her choice last night... I'm now having to completely re-type this blog post!  WHAT in the world was she thinking letting Mr. Oh-So-Handsome, Super Nice, Funny, Texas gentleman go??  Although their date probably wasn't what it needed to be, I loved his letter to Ricki so much!  It put tears in my eyes!  I bet business is booming these days for Sean!  Ladies... there's an available Insurance Agent in Dallas now!!!

Her second date with Jef seemed like a great date.  I like how he asked her all sorts of questions at dinner that he didn't know the answers to.  Jef is a great, fun guy but, I don't really see Emily living "happily ever after" with him.  Mr. Skater-boy over the Texas hunk!?  Ok....

& then there's Arie.  I've never been an over the top fan of him & Emily together but, never really not liked him either.  He's a nice enough guy but, I have to say that I think it's a little weird they can't keep their hands off of each other.  I get it - there's the physical attraction there but, at some point you've got to try and build a relationship off other things than just physical attraction.  Also, I thought it was completely RUDE of his family to start speaking in another language about Emily, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!  Girlfriend better think long & hard about her decision... these people could be her family FOR-EV-ER!

To say that I'm excited about next weeks episode is an understatement!  However, I have a feeling that she may walk away not choosing anyone!  Hmmm... Guess we'll have to wait & see!

Join in on The Bachelor fun @ More From Meg!

Also, I posted this last night... check it out & let me know your thoughts, please!?



  1. thank you for writing my thoughts exactly about Ms. Emily and having to rewrite your post, ugh was how I felt at the end of the show. What was she thinking?? Those muscles, that cute smile, those eyes and just the sensitivity, she said it best at the beginning sean is someone I know will be with me no matter. yes that is majorly important Ms. Emily!! ugh wrong choice girlie.

  2. Ohh i love me some Bachelorette dish! I was sad to see Sean go, not because i thought he was the one for Emily but because I thought he was genuinely into her and i felt bad that he got his heart broke (unlike Chris - i couldn't have cared less). Now, I could be bias because i've been a Jef fan from day one BUT i am pleased with the final 2. Mostly because i think she will pick Jef over Arie and i think Jef is a great guy for her. Totally not what i would've pictured but thats why it's a good thing. I don't dislike Arie either, I was actually on his side until home towns... that was just plain awkward!!

  3. I'm just not sure about all of this. I just watched the episode last night, and I'm not sure how I feel about Sean being sent home yet. I just can't picture her with Jef, and I think she's so blinded by her attraction to Arie, that she isn't worrying about how his family visit went. But then again, we only get to see bits and pieces :)

    Ok, now I'm just gonna throw this out there...Sean for the next Bachelor!!!


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