Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday (the 13th)!
Does that spook anyone?  It doesn't me really - just another day!

Whew!  I am so glad it is Friday & the weekend is finally here!
Being out & about 3 nights in a row has taken its toll on me & I need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open!

I very recently stumbled upon Ashley's blog at Adventures of Newlyweds & she is the host of the Friday's Letters link-up!  Y'all know I love a good link-up party & I thought this would be fun to try today!

Dear Sunday, please get her quickly but, not quickly so that we can have our meeting at the church & hopefully pin down a date for our wedding!

Dear Sleep, You should know that you truly are special to me & a necessity in my life.  I know I've neglected you this week but, I promise we'll be reunited tonight!

Dear Bingham, I'm sorry that your Dad & I have been MIA this week.  Your dad's friend was in town & since we won't see him for another year we had to go out & have some fun with him.  We I promise to take you to the doggy park this weekend for some fun quality time!

Dear Work, I'm grateful for you & the things that you provide however, I am over you.  Which really stinks because I have to work overtime this weekend.  Boo!

Dear rude lady in the drive through who was yelling & honking at me for taking too long, I hope that you enjoyed your breakfast meal that I purchased for you.  Maybe, hopefully, next time you will think before yelling at someone for taking too long... or what you thought was too long!  & Please, be sure to pay it forward.  #ThanksSoMuch

Dear Family, I am ready to see you all next week.  Although it will be a bitter-sweet time it's always great to be around the ones I love most!

Dear Readers, Thank you for sticking around here!  Y'all got the hampsters moving again & gave me some great ideas for blog topics this week!  Also, y'all may or may not have seen by now but, I am at 99 followers via GFC.  Once I reach 100 I'm planning on hosting my first give-away!  So, tell you friends to stop by & check out my place!  If they like it they can stay a while & we'll all enjoy a fun give-away!

Be sure to check out Friday's Letters @ Adventures of Newlyweds & join the party if you like!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!



  1. I hate when people honk at others in the drive thru - it's not like you are the one holding things up - geeezzz!!! Happy Friday!

  2. How NICE of you to pay for her meal at the drive thru!

    I hate feeling guilty when we're so busy, and have to neglect our really makes me sad :( But good thing is, they have a short memory and are excited to have you home! Make sure you get lots of puppy loves in this weekend!

  3. congrats on ur follower count!!!

  4. Yay!!! You will hit 100 today, I just know it!!! Awesome.

  5. How awesome that you treated rudeness with kindness! I hope your gesture helped change that woman's day and she left the drive thru with a smile (and a free breakfast).

  6. I'm going to tweet that people follow you!!! Hopefully you'll get over 100 followers by the end of the day :)

  7. oh man...dear rude lady...that's the epitome of "kill 'em with kindness."

  8. Umm first of all CONGRATS on hitting 100!!

    Second...I really need to get on this "pay it forward" chain thing...I keep hearing of people doing it and just think it is SO sweet!! I bet the lady behind you felt like a real @$$ when she found out you had paid for her meal. ;)

    Have a great weekend! Don't work too hard!

  9. So impressed you bought her breakfast!

  10. New follower here! Looks like I am number 101! That is so sad but also kind of funny about the drive thru! Too bad you couldn't see her face after they told her you paid for her meal!

  11. I'm very impressed you paid for that lady's meal! I'm not sure I would have done it!

  12. Came across your blog and enjoying reading! I love these post... I am going to have to participate soon!

    Going to catch up some more.... :)

  13. Omg I love what you did to that rude lady! If I was her Id have my foot in my mouth right about now!


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