Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Rundown - Engagement Party!

Hey y'all!  Happy Tuesday & pre 4th of July!!!

Anyone have big plans for tomorrow?  We will be out on the lake soakin' up the sun... I can't wait!  You know, I could get used to working 2 days, taking a 1 day break & working another 2 days.  Really it's not that bad of a schedule if you think about it!

We had a very busy weekend!  Friday night we got to see where we're having our wedding reception & it made things sooo surreal!  With every new step we take towards marriage, I get so excited & look forward to it all more & more!

After getting my hair did & running a bunch of errands, we went to my Dad's house where he was throwing us an engagement party/cookout!  It was so sweet of him & he & his girlfriend did a great job!

Sunday was spent running around & hanging out with Matt's parents... aka my future in-laws!!!

Here's some pictures from our party Saturday night!
Hiedi, Moi, Chelle & Erin

Chelle & Erin & their boys!

Hiedi & Jeremy

My Aunt bought us these fun hats so it was a must that we wear them at our party!  They will be worn again!

Matt's parents, brother & sister-in-law... MY future in-laws!!!

Hollie & Roland

My girls Elizabeth & Hiedi

We finally get to be sister-in-laws!!!

My Maid of Honor, Hiedi!

Matt & I with my Dad!

Matt & I are so grateful to everyone that came & was a part of our special night!  We are so blessed to have the wonderful people in our lives that we do!

Here's to more fun times ahead & wedding planning!  Woo Hoo!!!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



  1. Aw! How sweet of your dad! Looks like fun. And the countdown begins...! :)

  2. omg how sweet of ur Dad and his GF!! what a get party u had!!

    wish i could have attended!!!

  3. The crazy ride is just beginning-hold on and have fun!

  4. Your engagement party looked like a BLAST! You will have SO much fun planning your wedding! I kinda wish I could get married again to plan one again :) Hope you don't mind that i follow you! :)


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