Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Rundown.... Slooow Pace!

Happy Monday lovelies!

I'm currently sitting on my soon-to-be sold couch waiting patiently for The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode to start!

This weekend was pretty uneventful.

Friday we were quite the successful couch potatoes grabbing Chipotle for dinner & then spending the rest of the night watching Flying Wild Alaska & Deadliest Catch!  Friday night dates with the Discovery Channel are the best!  :)

Do y'all watch either of those shows?  Both Matt & I are hooked on them season after season!  But, at least it's not trashy reality TV like the rest of my shows are, right!?

Anyways, after working 6 hours of overtime on Saturday we went to visit our nephews & have dinner with them.  It was my first time to Babe's Chicken!  Lord have mercy!?  It was great fried chicken, just not somewhere you eat all of the time!

Sunday we had our pre-marital orientation at church.  It was ok I guess but, we were both looking for more answers than what we got... nothing.  So, we now have to wait another 3 weeks to find out if our tentative date can become our definite date!  Lord, can these next 3 weeks go by somewhat sort of fast??

I don't mean to sound like an ungrateful, bratty bride-to-be but, don't they know this girl has a wedding to plan!?

Ok, end rant.  Thanks for listening to me through that!

Alright ladies, I'm off to watch The Bachelorette & search the web for some engagement picture outfit ideas!  We're sneaking away to the beach at some point this coming weekend for my uncle to snap some pics of us!

Oh yeah... I'll be out of town later this week.  Don't be jealous, it's not for fun reasons.  If y'all remember that my Mimi passed away in December & so we as the family now have to get together to divide up her possessions among us all.  It's going to be a bitter-sweet weekend for sure!

What did YOU do this weekend!?  Have a wild & crazy one like me!?  :)

Ok... NOW I'm outta here!



  1. I went back home and saw my family 4 hours away this weekend. It was nice. I unfortunately have been on the task of going through my grandmother's stuff since her sudden passing. It is not easy so I feel your pain. :-/

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details are on my blog.

  2. Hey girl, hope your weekend was okay - at least seeing your family was hopefully nice! Did you Craigslist your couch? Are you getting a new one?? :)


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