Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthdays, Guns & Shopping... Our Weekend!

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday Tuesday!

Do you ever wake up in the morning in one of those blah moods?  Nothing to be overly happy about but, nothing to be really mad about, just more Negative Nancy than Positive Polly?  Well, that was me yesterday & I didn't feel like subjecting y'all to my bad mood.

Moving right along.  This weekend.  Well, it was a great one!
Friday = Friends!
Saturday = Friends!
Sunday = Church & Family!

Friday night we celebrated our friend Roland's birthday.  We ate dinner at Love & War in Texas & moved to a bar on Main St in Grapevine after!  The guys played pool all night while us girls had dance party & people watched from the balcony above the dance floor!  Oh, it was some goood people watching!
1. Birthday dessert, it was amazing!
2. Texas food.  Enough said.
3. Texas shaped corn bread!?  Loved it!

Shirt - Marshall's, Skinny Jeans - Marshall's, Watch - Betsy Johnson


We didn't get home until about... err, 2:30am-ish Friday night.

Which meant that we woke up Saturday about 11am-ish.

& Since we slept so late on Saturday I didn't get to shopping like I wanted to last week.  BUT, a quick stop into Marshall's on Friday before we went out made up for it.  So, all is well!
The Limited Pants $12 & both shirts $12 each!  + the blue shirt from Friday nigth for $12!  SCORE!!!

Saturday afternoon we went to shoot skeet out at our friends family ranch & had an evening of grilling out!  A relaxing night with more friends was just what I needed!

Have you been shopping lately?

Are you a bargain shopper or grab whatever you like, no matter the price?

I'm a bargain shopper but, no judgement here if you aren't.  :)

Hope y'all have a great day!!!



  1. Def a bargain shopper - and I LOVE that orange shirt you got!! That dessert looks ridic!

  2. Looks like I need to take a trip to Marshall's! :)

  3. Had I known I was going to be SO close to you down there, I would have tried to meet up with you sometime when I was there! Where do you live? My friend lives right down the road from Bone Daddy's grill/barbecue place. I'm not sure of the road name though. She took me down the Main Street in Grapevine-it's super cute!

  4. Now I see what your bought on your Marshall's trip last week :)

  5. Love Marshall's! I am definitely a bargain shopper...so much so that when I saw your pic I immediately thought "those are Limited pants" haha. I have tons of pants for work that at The Limited that I got at Marshalls for $12-16. Now I hate spending any more on clothes because I know I could probably go to Marshalls and find it for a fraction of the price. Plus, it's a quick place to pop in and out of even if you don't have much time. I do 10 min trips when I get off work just a few minutes early. Just enough time to run in see what's on the front and check out. :)

  6. Looks like a fun weekend. I loving that cornbread. Girl you got a steal on those tops and pants.
    Ive great awesome news.......
    my little man told mus that we wanted to go to the Stockyards for his birthday in December so when I checked on it I couldnt believe it what are the odds the Saints and Cowboys will be playing the weekend of his birthday at Arlington? WOW talkm about lined up so we are coming your way December 21st whoopwhoop

  7. texas shaped cornbread?? that is so awesome!!

  8. Oh love love your outfit! I am sooooo much of a bargain shopper - it makes it more fun!


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