Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting... Projects!

Oh my goodness gracious y'all... we've made it to Wednesday!  Thank the Lord!

Since it's Wednesday, y'all know what that means here...
Go link-up... You know you wanna!

I've decided to change things up a little though today.  Instead of showing you all the funny, dreamy or inspiring pins that I've pinned here recently, I want to show you some of my Pinterest projects!

These are all very simple projects.  Each requires these things:
Picture Frames

Pretty simple huh?  That's the way I like it!

My first two projects I found via the eighteen25 blog.  These three ladies sister are so talented & seem like they have so much fun doing what they do!  Go check them out if you haven't already, they have a ton of great stuff on their blog!

This first project I showed y'all back in January for Valentine's Day

Call me crazy but, this is still up in my house.  I guess that's because it's also our anniversary?  I don't know.  Maybe I am crazy because I just took down our Christmas cards 2 weeks ago.  Yes, you read that right.

It fit in perfectly with the rest of my decorations & was a fun addition to my living room!
You can find the printable here.

My most recent Pinterest project is this one

My heart melted when I read this saying.  It's so sweet & so very true for me.
It's current home is in our bedroom on one of the bedside tables.  The colors are so bright & fresh & it gives the side table just the right pop!

Find this printable here along with several other color options!

After browsing through eighteen25, I hit the printable JACKPOT!

Y'all, they seriously have a printable for every occasion!  I can't wait for Fall, Halloween, Christmas & upcoming birthdays... I'm going to have the cutest printables around!!!  :)

My next project is one that I will be completing within the next day or so.  For a while now, I've thought that our bathroom needed a little change up & I think I found just that!
bathroom printables

I'm going to Hobby Lobby today to pick up the right size frames (at 50% off of course!) & then will finish out the project.  Don't worry, I'll show y'all how it turns out when I'm done!

You can find all four of the printables here + much much more!

So, what Pinterest projects have you done lately?

Let me know because I want to see them!  Might give me or someone else just the right pinspiration they need to finish off a room or project!

If you're on Pinterest you can follow me here... & let me know what your user name is so I can follow you!



  1. that is pretty funny that you just barely took down your christmas cards. i had to scroll back up to check the date of your post. haha. thanks for sharing your projects.

  2. These are SO cute - I have been wanted to have a framed printable for every season in my house - great idea!!

  3. I love Printables!! Cannot believe you just took down Xmas cards - hahaha!I wanna see your Hobby Lobby frames - do you have a coupon or are they running half off?

  4. I heart your blog! I'm hosting 3 fab giveaways {Lush Nuts, Namaste & Enjoy hair care} & thought you would be interested!

    P.S. I'm now following you on GFC :)

  5. Printables are such a great concept - I'm surprised I haven't used any yet... maybe once I move! Too funny that you still have the Valentine's Day printable up but hey, I think it still works :)

    And I love that you actually do the Pinterest projects you pin because I definitely don't and need to start doing them haha.


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