Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting... Wedding Wednesday!

Hey y'all!  Happy Hump Day!
Not gonna lie... I thought yesterday was never going to end!  We're switching to a new data system at work therefore, our old system was down & the new system was not yet up & working... makes for one looong day!

Right about 2 pm or so I got REALLY excited though!  Our photographer - who we hadn't met with yet - text me to make sure we were still on for meeting tonight?

Thought goes through my head very quickly of my last e-mail to her.... "Oh hey Paige... I didn't realize we were meeting tonight but, sure that works great!"
We didn't have a day set but, things just got turned around.  Turned around in a good way though.

We ended up meeting with our photographer Paige & the second photographer, Justin.  They were both super nice & very friendly!  Ultimately, we signed a contract & paid our deposit!

We have a wedding photographer!!!

In celebration of securing our wedding photographer, I wanted to share my favorite wedding picture pins for...

We don't normally take the paper but, I will most definitely want to remember this on our wedding day!
take a pictures of the rings on a newspaper the day of the wedding- Cute idea!

I love the top picture with all the bridesmaids

Bride + Maid of Honor
Bride + Maid of Honor

Too funny!
ahahahaha this is hilarious

Oh guys... LOL!

tan suits

These are so funny!!

Since we will have 2 photographers, I'm hoping this is a shot that will definitely be captured!
Precious reaction

Happily Ever After!
Fun idea!

wedding poses


Picture poses

Love. Love. Love.
She got her foot pop!  :)  Name that movie....

The fact that we have a set wedding date & are now starting to place deposits with vendors makes me over the moon excited!  Not only can I not wait for our wedding day to get here but, I honestly cannot wait to share these moments with my best friend in the entire world!

These pictures just make me as giddy as a school girl!

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What have you been pinning lately?

I hope y'all have a great day!



  1. I'm loving this post being I'm newly engaged too!!!

  2. Wedding pictures make me soo happy:) My photog got the best shot of my hubby when I was walking down the aisle...makes me melt every time I see it:) Happy Wednesday girl! Can't wait to read more wedding posts!

  3. Oh how I wish Pinterest was around four years ago when I got married! These picture ideas are GREAT! I love the "happily ever after" one!

  4. Congrats on getting a photographer! Love all the shots you pinned as well! Enjoy all the planning too!

    Visiting you from the link up!



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