Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dress Debate

Happy Friday friends!  Hope y'all are having a good one so far!

Thank you all so so SO much for your encouraging words yesterday!  That means so much to me & I really appreciate it!  Y'all sure do know how to motivate a girl!!!  I'll be sure to give y'all an update next Thursday - even if I have a slip up or two!

You know what's cute?

This baby licking a Ring Pop!
Isn't he just the cutest!?

He kept wanting to bite into it so that's the reason for the crazy eyes in the last one!

As most of you know, tomorrow is THE day.  I'm going wedding dress shopping!
(If you're new around here... I'm going wedding dress shopping tomorrow)  :)

I've always known that I'm a traditional person.
Ex. Stockings are the LAST thing that is opened on Christmas morning.
Birthdays are always celebrated, No Matter What!

I could go on forever but, I'll spare you.  However, planning our wedding the last couple of months has made me realize even more just how traditional I truly am.  Even though Matt & I live together (judge away) I've come to find that I want a lot of things the way a "traditional" wedding would be done.

But there's this ooonnnne thing I've gone back & forth on....

Do I show Matt my wedding dress before OR keep it a secret until I walk down the isle?

You see, Matt & I share pretty much everything & have a very open relationship.  He's my go-to guy for all honest opinions... even with my outfits, when I ask!

So, what's so different about this "outfit" of a wedding dress that I'll be wearing?

I want him to love it & think I look beautiful in it.
(& No I'm not fishing for the "Oh you'll look gorgeous & of course he'll love it" comments)

After going back & forth over this for a little bit, I decided that Matt would be the one to make the ultimate decision.  So, I asked him what he wanted.

Does he want to see the dress before or be completely surprised the day of our wedding?

He said he wants to be completely surprised on our wedding day!

Of course he would! HA!

So, no more debate & no more tossing & turning over trying to figure out what to do!
I'm just hoping that I find the one & never have a second thought about it!
(Or need/want Matt's opinion on it!)

So, how about y'all... Did you or would you show your dress to your groom before the walk down the isle?

Was this even a question for you?

Are you a traditional or non-traditional person?

I'll be back Tuesday with a full re-cap of wedding dress shopping!

Hope y'all have a great Labor Day Weekend!



  1. My dress was always around in our house-we lived together too :) He saw it loading into the car to may parent's house (4 hours away where the wedding was), and unloading. He never saw it without the covering on it, or on me, until our day. And let me tell you...the look on their faces is priceless :)

  2. Aw, so happy for you and this weekend and hoping you find the one! I did not show Ryan - I am the same as you... I get his input on EVERYTHING! But I wanted it to be a complete surprise :) There are only a FEW things I can surprise him with, after all. Have a great time girly - take lots of pics (for yourself!) even if the store acts like you can't...have someone sneak them on their phone, you'll appreciate it afterwards!

  3. I absoultely did not show Zach nor even thought about it! You will look beautiful no matter what You wear your wedding day because every bride has this glow that speci day! I am so excited for you to go dress shopping and can not wait to hear all about it!

  4. Girl why do you think there are so many divorces? Non living togehter couples...haha
    We lived together and I can promise you it just makes it easier when you are married bc you aloready know what to exoect to where my sista n lkaw didnt and now all the figuring out is taking over.
    I know you are going to look hot in whatever dress you pick and MAtt will love it.
    Im traditional and non traditionao just depends on the situation I guess

  5. So many questions that surround such a special day :) I for one, was a traditional bride. No showing of wedding dress, no talk of it even and although our photographers wanted seeing each other before the big day! But to each their own and I don't believe either are correct it was just merely my preference. ;)


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