Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I've Learned Since Being Engaged!

Hey lovelies!  How goes it today?  I survived Monday so that's always a plus!

Currently, I'm watching Matt & Bingham play fetch around the house while flipping back & forth between the Rangers/Yankees game & Cowboys/Raiders game.  & we ate dinner by 7 pm!  Big ups for us!!!

As of August 7th, Matt & I have been engaged for 2 months!  This time in our lives always seemed so far off for some reason & now that it's here, I want to soak up every bit of it that I can!  Since we've been engaged, I've learned a few things about wedding planning that I didn't know before.  & don't we all think that we know it all already?

I know I did.  I thought I knew exactly how I wanted my decorations, the exact chairs, colors, etc., etc.


Although I had a good idea of everything that I wanted before we got engaged, there are so many small things you just don't think about.  So, without rambling too much more, here's what I've learned over the first 2 months of our engagement:

- If you are planning your wedding on your own, sans wedding planner as I am, you become an overnight event planner.  It's not necessarily a bad thing but, I have a new appreciation for event planners for sure!

- It's important to include your fiance in everything, as long as they want to be.  Matthew has been such a huge help in doing so many things already & it's made a huge difference!

- Know from the get-go that you will not be able to please everyone.  This is YOUR wedding & no one else's so, do what make you & your future spouse happy!

- With that, know that you will also get unsolicited suggestions & ideas from people - family, friends, whoever - know that even if it's not in line with your "theme" or something you would necessarily want, it's all coming from a good & loving place.  Everyone just wants you to be happy.

- Don't expect to get answers as soon as you call a vendor, church coordinator, etc.  & get good at leaving voicemails.  I can't tell you how many phone calls I've made & yes, I've gotten some answers right away but, a lot I've had to leave voicemails for & of course they call right when I get back from my lunch break!  Never fails!  HAHA!

- Make a budget & do everything in your power to stick as closely to it as possible!  (This is another area Matt has been a HUGE help!)  Check out The Knot for help making your wedding budget & check list.
Wedding Checklist via The Knot

- After making your budget, start doing your homework for the "big ticket items" like, wedding venue & reception venue, caterers, DJ's, Photographers, etc.  Don't be afraid to let people know that "you're just calling for a price quote & will get back with them if you would like to move forward".  Doing your homework will ensure that you stay on budget too!  Go with whomever you feel most comfortable with & offers an overall reasonable price.

Here's a few sites that we've found super helpful just in the last couple of months & will continue to use them over the next 9 montsh!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!  Remember that the only reason you're going through all of this is to walk back down that isle with the one you love!  After that, nothing else matters!

Hope this helps some of you newer brides-to-be!


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  1. I just love it all and cannot wait to see how all of your planning turns out! I know it will be beautiful and perfect. And yes, do everything exactly the way you want it! Not how everyone else wants it :) You only get this day once!!

  2. isn't it fun all the planning? definitely get your fiance involved, i asked mine back then what are the top three areas he wants most involvement, what areas were most important to him so i let him take control of those areas which meant less for me to plan!! good luck with all the planning based on these tips you seem to be off to a good start

  3. I cant tell you how much I love this post. I'm dealing with vendors not calling me back and its soo frustrating. Basically, its turning me into Bridezilla lol jk! Good luck with your planning :)

  4. These are great tips Shayna!! You definitely cannot please everyone.


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