Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Did You Know?

Hey y'all!  Happy Tuesday!!!

I wanted to share a little somethin' somethin' with y'all today.

For a little while now I've noticed that when I am replying to your comments that you leave, sometimes my replies back don't go through.

& This makes me sad!  I love that y'all leave comments here & I want to interact with y'all!  So, I wanted to show you something that you may not know about.

Have you noticed that you don't get any responses back when you comment on someones blog?  You might have your settings set to "noreply-commentor..." & therefore, can't receive e-mails back.

Now, some of you may have this set for privacy reasons but, I promise, getting to interact with each other really can be a great thing!  But, I understand your wishes.

If you would like to know how to change these settings, follow the steps below & you'll be interacting in no time!  :)  *These are instructions for the new Blogger Dashboard but, are basically the same for the old format as well.*

Step #1
Go to the top right corner of your Dashboard & click the down arrow then click Blogger Profile.

Step #2
Click Edit User Profile.  Check the box that says Show my email address.  Scroll to the bottom & Save Profile.

& You're done!  Go to your blog & leave a test comment if you don't believe me!  (Don't worry, you can always delete it! :)

Easy peasy huh?

I bet you might get a few more e-mails now!  :)

Let me know if you have any questions & I'll try to help as best I can!

& before I leave here today, I ask that you take a moment & remember those who have lost their lives due to the tragedy that shook our country 11 years ago today.  Today, I pray for those lost & those living.  May God be with them in these trying times & hold them a little closer today.
I cannot & will not ever forget that day.



  1. All this blog stuf is getting fancy how do i get their comments to my email so I can reply to them?

  2. it is so so annoying when i get a really great comment and i click to respond to them via email and it is noreply, ugh!!


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