Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me: HEALTHY!

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Whew!  What a week it has been!  So crazy, so busy yet it seems like it's just creepin' by.


I'm here for my weekly fitness/health check-in & let me just say that y'all were in the back of my mind All. Week. Long!  I could hear y'all (yes, I made up what your voices would sound like) cheering me on & motivating me!
The link-up is over at Raven's today!

Let me just go ahead & get this out of my system... EEEEEKKKKK!!!!

Ok, I can focus now!


I've been keeping up with my calorie intake via My Fitness Pal app.

I've been working out on the daily, thanks to my handy Tone It Up Calendar.

& Keeping my goal in mind - 125 lbs by October 5th!

Starting Weight: 132
Last Week's Weight: 131
Current Weight: 130

Only 5 more lbs until I get to my goal weight!!!

This last week's goal was to lose 1 lb & I did it!  It's not much but, baby steps!

2 Weeks Ago

Week 3
& no I don't wear make-up very often during the week.  :)

I can see a little difference but, I'm still a work in progress for sure!!!

This next week I plan on cranking it up a notch - I know I can do more cardio than what I've been doing.  So, here's to a week full of toning workout & A LOT of cardio!

I'm determined now more than ever to get this weight off & keep it off!

Thanks to you lovely ladies & all of your WONDERFUL support!  It truly means so much to me!!!

Don't forget to go link-up or cheer on everyone else who link-ed up @ Raven's!



  1. Baby steps! I love it! :) It's all about the baby steps, because eventually, they will turn into full fledged steps and then before you know it, you'll meet or pass your goal! Keep up the great work!

  2. congrats, i love you posted your bikini pic!

  3. I can totally tell a difference! Way to go!!


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