Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monogram Yo Pumpkins!

Hey hey!

I know I said I would be here yesterday with the how-to but, that just didn't happen.  I'm here today though & I'm so excited to share with y'all my latest craft project!

As I'm sure most of you have seen on Pinterest, painted pumpkins are the latest thing!
dandelions and dragonflies: October 2011

Monogram pumpkin for front porch

What you'll need:
4 Pumpkins
Paint - I used fabric paint which worked out perfectly
1-2 stiff brisseled paint brushes
1 large sponge brush - you can find at Hobby Lobby, just not online

I picked up 4 pumpkins from the grocery store on Sunday & made sure they were all about the same size.  For all 4 it cost $19 & some change.  Once I got home I got a wet paper towel & cleaned each one.  I didn't scrub them or anything, just wanted to make sure all of the dirt was off.

Once they're cleaned, tape the stencils onto the pumpkins.

It's ok if they aren't completely taped down - what matters is getting most of the letter portion on the pumpkin.

Once the stencils are taped on you can begin with your first layer of paint.

After painting the first layer of the first three letters, I let it dry for a while before I took the stencils off.  The second "L" that I painted, I went ahead & took off the stencil immediately & that seemed to work the best.  After taking off the stencils, I used q-tips to clean up the edges of the letters.  Just lick, yes I said lick, the q-tip & follow along making smooth edges.  Honestly, I used several q-tips but, it worked great & gave me perfect edges!

Once the letters are completely dry, apply the modge podge.  If you've never worked with Modge Podge before just know that it goes on white & will dry clear.
I put the modge podge over the letter & all the way around it - like a circle around the letter.  When it dries it will have a full, shiny look to it.

After the modge podge dried, I hot glued a bow on to the top of each pumpkin.  The brown ribbon was just extra I had at home.  If I had thought about it before, I would have bought some big, glittery ribbon!  I LOVE all things glittery!

& your finished project!

I'm not done with the front porch yet but, I'm really happy with the way the pumpkins turned out!

What do you think?

Have you tried painting pumpkins?

Let me know how yours turns out!  I would love to see pictures!

Happy Fall y'all!



  1. These look SO awesome, girl!! Great job!:)

  2. It looks great!!! Love it - good job, girl!

  3. I've been feeling super crafty lately, and this looks like something I might do. It needs to be quick and easy, or else I lose interest! I might try to do it...we'll see. Isn't Pinterest great for these ideas?!

  4. LOVE this! You did great. I am going to try this weekend!

  5. Love these pumpkins!!!! So cute!!!

  6. Super cute! Can't wait to decorate our pumpkins!

  7. SO CUTE! I cant wait to paint pumpkins this year! You definitely gave me some inspiration. I love the all white one. Now following :)

  8. Too cute!

    Your newest follower,




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