Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hey y'all!  I hope y'all had a spook filled Halloween!

Every year at work the ladies in our office pick a theme to go with & then decorate the entire office & dress accordingly.  This year we decided that we wanted it to go for the spooky, haunted house look & we would all dress as witches!

I think we met & surpassed our goal this year with decorating & dressing up.

Here's some pictures from yesterday's office fun....

From the front lobby looking at our front counter in

This is our side window where department personnel come for help... we didn't have too many visitors yesterday...

Haunted witches house

Stirring the pot... BWAHAHAHA!!!

Records Witches!

close up

Last night was mine & Matt's first time to ever be home on Halloween night so we were excited to see if there would be any kids coming by for candy!  We were prepared & thankfully, they came!

We had a large mixing bowl filled with goodies & by 9pm or so it was ALL gone!
It was so fun to see all of the cute princess' & ninjas & super heroes stopping by!

Makes me have baby fever... err sorry Matthew.  :)

Do y'all get to dress up for Halloween at work?

What fun things did y'all do to celebrate Halloween?

I hope everyone had a great evening & you got lots of treats... no tricks!

We're leaving tonight for the weekend... headed to Galveston for a motor cycle rally.

It should be a lot of fun & we'll probably see some pretty interesting things people that I'll be Instagramming.
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Happy Friday & hope y'all have a great weekend!!!



  1. WOW! You guys really go all out!

  2. that is so cool your office goes all out!! very creative ideas in your office, love it! my halloween was pretty boring compared to yours


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