Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saw It. Pinned It. Wore It.

Hey y'all!  Who else is doing the happy dance because we're this close to it being Friday??

I took sick day because Matt & I had a hot date at the dentist office, again.

I love my teeth feelin' so fresh & so clean clean!  Buuuuut... I hate my mouth being numb & looking like a chip munk - or not being able to talk right or eat or drink.  Especially not eating or drinking!

Anyways, enough about my trip to the dentist I'm linking-up with Steph & Katie for
Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

We all take to Pinterest for many, many things.  One of the things I love about Pinterest are the in-style outfit ideas that I get!  I can put a cute outfit together & all but, I am definitely not a fashion-ista.  Never have been & probably never will be.

With Fall upon us, or sort of if you live in Texas, I've been trying to put together some of my best outfits.  I like a cute outfit but, I LOVE it even more if it's a comfortable one!

Insert this gem of an ensemble:
cute fall outfit

& Here's my version:
Jean Shirt (old) - Maurices
Leggings - Old Navy
Under Tank - Target
Boots - Marshalls
Jewelry - multiple boutiques

I've worn this outfit a few times.  It's perfect for running errands, meeting for lunch or just a casual occasion!

What outfits have you put together that are inspired by Pinterest?

Go link-up OR check out what everyone else has been doing via Pinterest!



  1. oh my goodness that is so cute! I've wanted to re-create this look FOREVER but haven't yet! you did a really good job!
    stopping by from the link up :)


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