Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{Last Minute} DiY Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey y'all! So, we've got 5 shopping days left to make sure we've bought for everyone on our Christmas list!
Have you shopped 'til you dropped yet??

I meant to have this together for y'all last Friday but, an office Ornament Exchange, a tummy full of Mexican food & a margarita later, I was ready for bed as soon as I got home!


When giving any gift I always like to put together sets of things.  Rather than giving one large gift, I like to give several small gifts.  I guess it just feels like there's more & who doesn't love opening up more & more gifts!?  #guitlyascharged

So, I've put together some of my favorite (DiY) gift ideas that are quick, simple & budget friendly!

1.  Mani/Pedi Set
Cute manicure set. Christmas idea!!!!

This sort of gift is great for any lady in your life!  Simply snag a mini nail polish remover, mini set of nail clippers, nail files & a handful of cotton balls... OH & of course one or two of your favorite nail polishes.  Done & done & now your friend has a ready to go mani/pedi set!

2.  Kitchen Essentials
Housewarming gift

Know someone who just moved into a new home or just getting out on their own from the nest?  What better way to set them up than with a few kitchen essentials!?
All you need is an oven mitten, drying towel, spatula, mixer & a couple mixing spoons... wrap a cute ribbon around it & voila!  Now they can have you over for dinner soon!  :)

3.  Movie Night @ Home
Teenagers gift basket with a movie pass. This site has many gift basket ideas!

This is a great idea for those that enjoy movie nights... especially at home.  Put together some of their favorite chocolates, Skittles or Starbust with a few cold beers.... or Coca-Cola's & a couple of DVD's (Wal-Mart always has a $5 bin full of oldies & newbies) & you've just set up the perfect date night for the ones you love!

4.  Sweet Treats
Personalized jars for baked goodies!  Perfect gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors or secret santa.

I remember growing up arriving at my Great-Grandma's house we would barely be out of the car & she would be greeting us from the front door & letting us all know that she's "got a pot of beans on the stove".  Why a pot of beans?  I don't know.  But I do know that was her way of showing her love.  I too like to show my love for others by cooking & baking for them.
So, go grab a few of the cute boxes or tins from Hobby Lobby (all Christmas items are 50% off) & stuff them full of your favorite holiday treats.  Pass these out to co-workers, neighbors, church clergy... whoever you would like to pass along a little sweet Christmas cheer to!

5.  Hot Chocolate
DIY Christmas gift: hot chocolate. This is one of my favorite gifts to give to co-workers. I make a batch of hot cocoa mix, throw in some candies, chocolate pieces and marshmallows and tie it up pretty with a chocolate covered spoon. It is always a hit.

This sort of goes along with #3 & #4 but, I always love getting these gift sets.  You could put a fun arrangement together like the one above & add a set of coffee mugs to make it a complete package.
If you haven't seen these around the Pinter-web already, allow me to introduce you...
awesome DIY mug!

Can you imagine??  What a great gift & you can make it as personal as you want!

I hope these ideas helped some of you that might still have some shopping left to do & are trying to think of something fun & different!
I haven't finished shopping yet (eek!) & I can't believe it!  I only have a few more things to get & then I'm done - Thank tha Lord!

Are you a last minute shopper or a shop-for-months-ahead shopper?

Do you prefer giving store bought or DiY type gifts?

Have a great day y'all!



  1. I love every single one of these!! Especially the oven mit and kitchen essentials! SO cute.

    And the coffee mugs. I want to do this so bad. But I don't drink coffee ha.

  2. Super cute! Loving all of these ideas! I'm just over halfway done with my shopping and I'm hoping to get one more thing today before I head home for the holidays [traveling with presents is no fun!] But I'm usually a last-minute shopper/wrapper. Makes it more fun in my opinion haha :)

  3. These are awesome! I will use these in coming years too! Love.

  4. Cute gift ideas! Ill definitely be pinning these!


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