Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Hey kids!  What's crack 'a lackin!?

This whole Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. link-up that Stephanie & Katie have come up with is just pure genius.  Just genius I tell you!

So genius that this link-up has given me MORE ideas that I've since completed & I wanted to share with y'all!

Burlap Signs
The first one I want to share is one that Julie did.  I've done burlap signs before, see our engagement pictures & have made other ones for our wedding (you'll see those after May 4th) but, not one for a baby.  Although the two signs are vastly different, hers still gave me inspiration.

1 - I bought the triangles (pre-cut) at Hobby Lobby
2 - I used a flat, round sponge brush
3 - I painted them on newspaper so when the paint dried it wasn't completely see-through on the letters & hearts... gave it a sort of solid look.
4 - I used mini clothes pins to hang the letters on Jute

Chalkboard Chargers
I've seen different chalkboards around the Pinter-web with tons of ideas but, when Stephanie showed us how EASY it was to make these, I knew I had to make my own!!!

& Here's how mine turned out
Sitting on the entry table as guest joined us for the baby shower

And another with baby shower activity instructions!  This one I left for mommy-to-be to use in baby girl's room or wherever she liked!

Here's how I'm using it now...
In our entryway as you walk in to our casa!

Adhere to the temperature suggestions on the can of spray paint.  If it's cold, that shits running everywhere!
Also, be careful & watchful of any bugs that might fly into your wet paint.  They aren't so pretty once they're DRIED to the charger!  (Don't worry, it wasn't on the one that I left my friend)  :)

Burlap Balls Ornaments

Yet another genius pin that Ms. Stephanie recreated...

Y'all might of seen mine in my Christmas decor buuuuut... here's a few tips for you.
A glass bottle of wine, beer, vodka - your choice - is required for this project.

1 - Be prepared to go through a lot & I mean A LOT of glue sticks.
2 - It might even be handy to have a back-up hot glue gun... I wouldn't know from experience or anything.
3 - Set aside quite a bit of time for this project.  I'm not gonna lie... it takes a while to complete.  I did 10 of the 12 ornaments that came in the box.
4 - You don't have to glue each burlap piece right next to the previous one.  Spread them out a little & it won't take as much time.  You can always go back & fill in any missed spots.  No biggie.

I do have to say that despite how time consuming this project was, it was definitely worth it!
You might even see some of these at my wedding!

What projects have you been inspired to do since the link-up started?

Are y'all LOVING this link-up as much as I am???

If so, go link-up!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some of my favorite DiY Christmas gifts!



  1. This post is too cute! I love it all! The balls and the plates are adorable!


  2. The plate is so cute! What a great idea!

  3. My b-day is May 4...and by BFF got married this year on May 4...a great day to get married, congrats! Also, love all your crafts, esp the chalkboard chargers!

  4. You are TOO sweet!! I absolutely LOVE all the projects you do!! And the plate perfect for a baby shower!!! Amen to the BOTTLE of wine for the burlap balls lol. They turn out adorable but take for-freaking-ever!!!

    THanks again for linking up with us (and for your kind words!) xoxo


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