Monday, December 17, 2012

Spreading Christmas Cheer

What a weekend.

Friday morning began like no other - In the most awful way possible.
I'm sure you've all heard & read by now about the Newtown, CT shooting.

My thoughts & prayers have been with the victim's families throughout the weekend & will continue to be.

After experiencing so much loss & death lately, it was slightly difficult to pull myself out of a slump & over-all funk.  I already had plans Friday night to go shopping for an angel a few of my girlfriends & I adopted.  It was good & therapeutic - just what I needed.

Saturday was another day of giving for Matt & I.
For the second year we participated in The Big Texas Toy Run.

We were excited to have a few of our friends join this year!

I cannot convey how many motorcycles came together for such a great cause

But, I know there were enough toys donated on Saturday to fill an entire 18-wheeler
& another large box truck!

Matt decorated the bike a little, & everyone lined up along the highway & over-passes (there were a TON of people) loved it!

It was nice to spread some Christmas cheer over the weekend & get back in the spirit of the season!  I feel so blessed that Matt & I are in a position that we are able to lend a helping hand & give back during the Christmas season.

Tomorrow I'll be participating in a Blogger's Day of Silence for the victim's of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Visit Neely's, Michelle's, or Meg's blogs for more information.

Happy Monday y'all!

Here's to a great week!!!

Only 8 more days until Christmas... Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet??

I'm almost done!  :)


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