Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello? Hello?? Are you there!?

Hey y'all!  I'm baaaack!  Actually, I've been back but, it seems that I haven't had much time to sit & write a blog post at all this week.  Until I squeezed in a little time, now! I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Great!  I started following this chicks blog & now she doesn't even post!"  I know, I would be thinking the same thing too.  Sorry!  It does feel good to be back though!

Nothing too exciting has happened since last week.  Just been busy at work & getting things back in order at home from bringing back 5 + boxes with me of my Mimi's stuff.  I'm so glad to have it though & will cherish it all forever!

One of the big items I knew ahead of time that I would be getting were my Mimi's practically new couch & love seat.  In lieu of getting her furniture, we had to quickly get ours sold... which in turn made our living room look like this for a couple of nights...
Not going to lie, it was fun & took Matt & I both back to some fun, childhood memories.
*After pics will be shown at a later date*

Last Thursday all of my family was trickling into town one family by one family & that afternoon we went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch.  I haven't eaten there in forever & our table over looked the Corpus Christi Bay so it was a fun afternoon before we got down to the nitty gritty!  I even enjoyed a Root Beer Float!  Haven't had one of those in FOREVER!

This week back home has been a busy one but, when some friends called Tuesday afternoon to see if we would like their season tickets to that night's game for free we couldn't pass them up!  I mean, look at how awesome our seats were... Perfect!

I promise that I will be back in FULL FORCE blogging next week... && I'm working on getting everything together for my give-away as well so, sit tight!

What have you been doing since I've been MIA?
Any big plans for this weekend or keeping it low-key?

I hope y'all have a great weekend!  I'm hoping for a productive weekend & some quality time with my man!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Liebster Award!

You know why I love blogging so much?  Because you, you & YOU are the sweetest things ever!

A while back one of my favorite girls, Erin gave me my very first blogger award, The Liebster Award! That was so exciting & I was so happy to get that award!

Not long ago my girl Hilary also nominated me for The Liebster Award & so did Lauren @ Life. Love. Lauren just this week!  I have to be honest & say that I might Khave forgotten to pass it on when Hilary passed it on to me.  So... Now, it's make up time!  Please forgive me Hilary??

So, here's the rules of this round of the Liebster Award!

1. Post 11 things about yourself

2. Answer the questions the "tagger" set for you & make up to 11 questions for the people you tag

3. Choose up to 11 bloggers & tag them in your post

4. Let each of the bloggers know you have "tagged" them & no tag backs

Since I've done some about me post in the past, here is one that list 25 Things About Me & a guest post I did at Amy's for 25 Fun Facts of Your Favorite Bloggers.  You can go ahead & call me an over-achiever... I know that equals 50, not 11.  HA!  Juuuust kidding!  I know that's a little lazy on my part but, HEY!  You get to learn all kinds of stuff about me now!  :)

Here are the questions Lauren has for us...

1. Where are you from, where do you live currently, and how many places have you lived?

I'm from Azle, TX.  Currently live in Ft. Worth, TX.  & I've lived in 5 different towns.

2. If you could meet any three people {dead or alive} who would they be and why?

Sandra Bullock - I've always been told that we look alike & I think she's a really neat person & great actress.

Reba McIntyre - I LOVE her as an artist & she seems like one of the most genuine, down to Earth people.

3. If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be?

Steak, baked potato with butter & salt & pepper & grilled corn on the cob!  YUMM!

4. What is your idea of a perfect date night?

Dinner at a Mexican food restaurant & go somewhere fun... go carts, bowling, putt-putt golf, etc.

5. What did you do most when you were a child to get into trouble?

Talk back.  My mouth constantly got me in trouble.  I still have trouble keeping it in check at times.  What can I say, I'm a constant work in progress!

6. What would you do if you were given 1 million dollars?

Pay off debt, set our parents up in nice homes & pay off their debt, invest some & build our dream home.  Oh, & I'd have a Range Rover!

7. What are your hobbies?

Love listening to live music, crafts & DIY projects & throwing a good party!

8. If you could hire one helper {like a maid, personal trainer, cook, etc..} who would you hire?

A cook for sure!  I can clean my house & do fairly good at keeping myself on track with my workouts.  If you have a personal cook/chef then you are definitely not going to get off track with what you are eating.  Make sense?  Ok good, it does to me.  :)

9. What is your favorite holiday?

This is a toss up between Thanksgiving & Christmas but, I would have to say Christmas wins out!  It's such a magical time of year & is such a wonderful reminder of why we should be so grateful for the lives we have.

10. Would you consider yourself closer to messy or to organized?

Definitely more organized.  There are times when I'm messy & things get hectic but, it's hard for me to function for too long in a pig sty.

Now, here's my questions for you ladies...

1. What was your first car?

2. Did you go to the same schools K-12 or did you move around?

3. Have you always envisioned yourself as a career oriented person or a family oriented person?

4. What is one of your favorite past times?

5. How did you come up with your blog name?

6. What do you do to relax?

7. What is your favorite home cooked meal that you look forward to whenever you go "home" - wherever & with whomever home is?

Here's who I am passing the award along to...

Callie @ The Good Life

Shannon @ Page Twenty-Two

Have fun ladies!!!

& Even if you weren't tagged in this post, answer some of the questions!  I want to hear what your answers are too!

Since I will be taking care of family business over the weekend, I'll see y'all on Monday!
Cheers to tomorrow being Friday y'all! Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Hey y'all!  Happy Wednesday!

Today is technically my Friday for the work week & I couldn't be anymore excited!  However, the reason it's my Friday is not so exciting!  You see, my brother & I will be leaving bright & early in the morning to go to South Texas to begin going through my Mimi's belongings from when she passed away in December.  It's going to be a bittersweet trip because it's always great to see my family, just not under these circumstances.  If you don't mind, say a little prayer for my family this week as we begin to re-open these wounds & begin this journey?  They're much appreciated!

Moving right along!  I would like to say HELLO to my newest followers!  Thanks for joining & I hope you stay awhile! Also, thanks to those of you who tweeted & passed the word along to others - that's so sweet!! I have some GREAT ideas my very first giveaway so stay tuned & I'll fill you in on all the deets soon!!!  :)

By now I think we all know what Wednesday means around THIS blog!  If you're new, this is how I get down on Wednesdays...
Yep!  I'm linking-up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple!

I just love this room!  So fresh & airy!  Who wouldn't want to wake up in this room!?
Great guest room!

This is such a simple design & could be fairly easy to make too!
Monogram Simple with Border Sized for 16x20 Frame

I think this is the perfect Summer outfit.  Minus the jacket if you live in Texas!
super cute summer outfit!

Aren't these so simple & fun!?  I think I might try this tonight if I have time!
Wedding Nails

How absolutely adorable is this little chick!?  I die for her long hair.  Love the braids!
Braid then pull and loosen... & this little chick is absolutely adorable!

That's all I've got for today lovely ladies!  Happy Hump Day... be sure to make it a good one!  :)

Don't forget to stop by Michelle's to link-up or see what everyone else is pinning!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Rundown.... Slooow Pace!

Happy Monday lovelies!

I'm currently sitting on my soon-to-be sold couch waiting patiently for The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode to start!

This weekend was pretty uneventful.

Friday we were quite the successful couch potatoes grabbing Chipotle for dinner & then spending the rest of the night watching Flying Wild Alaska & Deadliest Catch!  Friday night dates with the Discovery Channel are the best!  :)

Do y'all watch either of those shows?  Both Matt & I are hooked on them season after season!  But, at least it's not trashy reality TV like the rest of my shows are, right!?

Anyways, after working 6 hours of overtime on Saturday we went to visit our nephews & have dinner with them.  It was my first time to Babe's Chicken!  Lord have mercy!?  It was great fried chicken, just not somewhere you eat all of the time!

Sunday we had our pre-marital orientation at church.  It was ok I guess but, we were both looking for more answers than what we got... nothing.  So, we now have to wait another 3 weeks to find out if our tentative date can become our definite date!  Lord, can these next 3 weeks go by somewhat sort of fast??

I don't mean to sound like an ungrateful, bratty bride-to-be but, don't they know this girl has a wedding to plan!?

Ok, end rant.  Thanks for listening to me through that!

Alright ladies, I'm off to watch The Bachelorette & search the web for some engagement picture outfit ideas!  We're sneaking away to the beach at some point this coming weekend for my uncle to snap some pics of us!

Oh yeah... I'll be out of town later this week.  Don't be jealous, it's not for fun reasons.  If y'all remember that my Mimi passed away in December & so we as the family now have to get together to divide up her possessions among us all.  It's going to be a bitter-sweet weekend for sure!

What did YOU do this weekend!?  Have a wild & crazy one like me!?  :)

Ok... NOW I'm outta here!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday (the 13th)!
Does that spook anyone?  It doesn't me really - just another day!

Whew!  I am so glad it is Friday & the weekend is finally here!
Being out & about 3 nights in a row has taken its toll on me & I need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open!

I very recently stumbled upon Ashley's blog at Adventures of Newlyweds & she is the host of the Friday's Letters link-up!  Y'all know I love a good link-up party & I thought this would be fun to try today!

Dear Sunday, please get her quickly but, not quickly so that we can have our meeting at the church & hopefully pin down a date for our wedding!

Dear Sleep, You should know that you truly are special to me & a necessity in my life.  I know I've neglected you this week but, I promise we'll be reunited tonight!

Dear Bingham, I'm sorry that your Dad & I have been MIA this week.  Your dad's friend was in town & since we won't see him for another year we had to go out & have some fun with him.  We I promise to take you to the doggy park this weekend for some fun quality time!

Dear Work, I'm grateful for you & the things that you provide however, I am over you.  Which really stinks because I have to work overtime this weekend.  Boo!

Dear rude lady in the drive through who was yelling & honking at me for taking too long, I hope that you enjoyed your breakfast meal that I purchased for you.  Maybe, hopefully, next time you will think before yelling at someone for taking too long... or what you thought was too long!  & Please, be sure to pay it forward.  #ThanksSoMuch

Dear Family, I am ready to see you all next week.  Although it will be a bitter-sweet time it's always great to be around the ones I love most!

Dear Readers, Thank you for sticking around here!  Y'all got the hampsters moving again & gave me some great ideas for blog topics this week!  Also, y'all may or may not have seen by now but, I am at 99 followers via GFC.  Once I reach 100 I'm planning on hosting my first give-away!  So, tell you friends to stop by & check out my place!  If they like it they can stay a while & we'll all enjoy a fun give-away!

Be sure to check out Friday's Letters @ Adventures of Newlyweds & join the party if you like!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

RHOC Reunion Part 1... The Dish!

HELLO!  Today, I'm dragging a little bit because we did not get home from Top Golf until veeery late last night.  Turns out they do road work during the night so on our way home from Dallas we were stopped/very slow rolling for 45 minutes!!!  Do you know what that does to a girl who has to be at work by 7 am!?  Nothing really except make me very tired & sweet tea is a must have in the AM!

The guys ready to play!

& then I beat Matt on the first game... 3rd place isn't too shabby!  Sorry babe!  :)

In other news, WHO watched the Real Housewives of Orange County, Reunion Part 1 this week?

Let's start off with Gretchen & Alexis' friendship... or lack there of these days.  Going back to the trip they took to Costa Rica.  I really don't think it was necessary for Gretchen to jump in & agree with all of the other ladies.  I get that if you're friends you should be able to talk openly about anything & everything.  However, I don't think joining in with the rest of the gang to tell her how fake & phony she is was the right time or place.

Alexis just doesn't get it.  Sort of like her friend Sarah.  "What is this world coming to!?"
Ahh... there's the Alexis we all know & love!

Moving right along.  Let's talk Gretchen & Tamra's newly kindled friendship.  This one was a bit odd to me at first.  Now, I think it's nice & sweet that they have such a good friendship.  It's happened to me that way before.  You think you don't like someone or wouldn't get along with them for whatever reason & then when you put all the BS aside, you're actually a lot more alike then what you thought!

Aren't these two just a breath of fresh air!?
I love Heather & her husband Terry!  Even Matt likes them (yes, he watches b/c I watch).  Anyways, I just think they are both so funny & the perfect addition to the show!  In my honest opinion, I think Alexis is a little  jealous of Mrs. Dubrow & how real she is.  :)  Heather had every right to be upset with Crazy Sarah at her name changing party for breaking the piece of bow off her cake!  Who does that anyways!?  Oh right, babies & Crazy Sarah!  I especially loved when Heather told Alexis, "...Take this as a moment to look inside yourself and see that if everyone says you’re dead, it’s time to lie down."  It's the truth & Alexis needs to hear it!  I have a slight feeling that whole conversation/argument isn't quite over yet.

Aside from Vicki getting into it a little bit with Tamra & Gretchen, I think she stayed fairly quiet on part 1.  There's not much to say about Ms. Gunvalson these days.  She's a hot mess of woman, going through some hard times in life & thinks she's finally found true love... All in front of cameras on a reality show!  Give the woman another glass of wine, she needs it!  I'm interested to see if she will ever see Brianna's, Tamra's or anyone's point of view about her low-life, mooching of a "boyfriend"!?

I'm ready to see what happens next week on Part 2 of the reunion!

What do you think so far about Part 1 of the RHOC reunion?

See y'all tomorrow... aka Friday!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Hump Day y'all!  Can you believe it's Wednesday already!?  I'm ok with the work week moving along quickly, are you?  Plus, I'm excited about this evening because we are going to Top Golf in Dallas to swing some sticks!  (Tomorrow could not be so fun... hmmm)

Anyways, since it's Wednesday we all know what that means around these parts!  You guessed right!  I'm linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for...

O.M.Geee! These are adorable & I can't wait to get home & print some out!  Hob Lob here I come & look out bathroom!

I just can't get enough of this picture!  How darling!?  Definitely something I want to do for our wedding pictures if we can!
This shot is adorable.

How fun are these cupcakes!?
Cupcakes @hiedineeper

I love this song & this sign is adorable!  Simple & cute!

Fellow blogger Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny shared this delicious recipe the other day!  If you are looking for some fun, refreshing, "skinny" recipes check out her blog!
Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers, 5 WW points

I bought a corkboard a long time ago with plans to decorate it for my cube at work... It's still waiting to be decorated!  But, how cute is this!?  That corkboard WILL be decorated this weekend! #inspiration
Cork board

How fun is this Halloween duo!?
Adorable Halloween Costumes!

I know it's not near time for Christmas yet but, I think after seeing this fun wreath my Christmas ball wreath will be getting a face lift this year!
Ornament Wreath

Always remember to pray!

That's all I've got for today!  Cross your fingers that I can beat the boys at Top Golf tonight!  I've got some mad skills!  HA!

Join the Pinterest party at Michelle's & follow me on Pinterest here!

Also, who watched the RHOC Reunion part 1 last night??  I sure did & we'll be dishing about them & the RHONY as well tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish!

Oh goodness y'all!  I haven't dished about Emily & The Bachelorette in a while!  So, today I'm linking up with Megan @ More from Meg for the gab party!

For starters, let me say a big 'o Texas THANK YOU to Miss Emily for her choice last night... I'm now having to completely re-type this blog post!  WHAT in the world was she thinking letting Mr. Oh-So-Handsome, Super Nice, Funny, Texas gentleman go??  Although their date probably wasn't what it needed to be, I loved his letter to Ricki so much!  It put tears in my eyes!  I bet business is booming these days for Sean!  Ladies... there's an available Insurance Agent in Dallas now!!!

Her second date with Jef seemed like a great date.  I like how he asked her all sorts of questions at dinner that he didn't know the answers to.  Jef is a great, fun guy but, I don't really see Emily living "happily ever after" with him.  Mr. Skater-boy over the Texas hunk!?  Ok....

& then there's Arie.  I've never been an over the top fan of him & Emily together but, never really not liked him either.  He's a nice enough guy but, I have to say that I think it's a little weird they can't keep their hands off of each other.  I get it - there's the physical attraction there but, at some point you've got to try and build a relationship off other things than just physical attraction.  Also, I thought it was completely RUDE of his family to start speaking in another language about Emily, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!  Girlfriend better think long & hard about her decision... these people could be her family FOR-EV-ER!

To say that I'm excited about next weeks episode is an understatement!  However, I have a feeling that she may walk away not choosing anyone!  Hmmm... Guess we'll have to wait & see!

Join in on The Bachelor fun @ More From Meg!

Also, I posted this last night... check it out & let me know your thoughts, please!?


Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Rundown!

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday!  Hope everyone made it through the work day successfully!  If you saw my Twitter feed then you know I was counting down the minutes to 4 pm today!

This weekend was a super low key weekend in our house!  Friday night consisted of movie night at home!  Saturday was nothing special but, I got a lot of stuff done around the house!  Clearing out junk we don't need & making room for wedding stuff that is to come... it was an all day job!

Saturday night we had one of Matt's college friends in town!  He's visiting for a few weeks from working out of the country so Matt was really excited to see him!  I played tag along & went out with the guys that night... luckily they love me!  :)

Woo Woo tan lines!

Those are some gooood lookin' guys!  Brian on the far left is single ladies!!!  :)

& It's completely normal for a 2am photo shoot in the front yard... totally.

Sunday we remembered how to be completely lazy... Lazy to the point that nothing was done, dinner was delivered pizza & the DVR was cleared of all missed shows & movies!  Perfect ending to a perfectly low-key weekend!

Now, I have some questions for all of you!

I've been having a bit of "bloggers block" here lately.  For some reason, I just don't know what to say/write/blog about - I'm out of fresh ideas.  So, that is where you come in!

What do you want to read here at All From My K + H +L?
What do you want to know more about?
Anything you want to discuss here?

I'm an open book!  So, ask anything, tell me anything... whatever it is, let me have it!
Y'all are the greatest so I know you will have some great stuff!  (I hope you do!)  :)


Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July celebrations!

Happy Friday y'all!!!  Has this been a messed up week or what!?  Even though yesterday felt like it was Monday, today is payday Friday & it doesn't get much better than that!

Normally, for 4th of July we're out at the lake cabin where the only transportation is by boat (we don't drive cars for days) & the only phone service you have is the land line... it's heavenly!  This year was a little different but, that's ok!  We still had a great time celebrating!

On Tuesday we planned on having a small cook out at our house & expected about 7 people... we ended up having 14 people!  Everyone brought their own meat to grill & we provided grilled corn & mashed potatoes... everything turned out so good!  Since I was so busy playing hostess, this is the only picture I got:

On Wednesday we got up & headed out for a day on the lake!  Even though the water was a little rough, it was nice to have a breeze in the air & it not feel like it was 200* out!

After getting off the lake & grabbing dinner we rushed home to clean up & get to LaGrave Field to see the fireworks!  We got there right at the end of the baseball game & then they let everyone on the baseball field.  Matt & I put our blanket down in outfield & watched the show!  It was a pretty awesome way to watch the fireworks if I do say so myself!
After the fireworks were over we stayed to watch the Steve Helms Band play & let traffic thin out!  It really turned out to be a beautiful night!

Don't be jealous of my tan lines... I know they look hot!  & please excuse the last few awesome iPhone pics...

So, what did you do to celebrate the 4th of July!?

Cheers to yesterday feeling like Monday & today it's FRIDAY!  We have a low key weekend planned of ... NOTHING & I couldn't be more excited about it!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Hey y'all! Happy Hump Day!

I'm just popping in real fast to wish everyone a happy, fun & safe 4th of July &.... to link up with the one & only, Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for...

Fourth of July nails!

I love these & so wish I would have made a better effort to find some...

How cute & yummy are these rice crispy treats!?
fourth of july

4th of July Vignette...

Now go check out what everyone else is pinning at Michelle's place & link up!

Have a great 4th of July y'all!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Rundown - Engagement Party!

Hey y'all!  Happy Tuesday & pre 4th of July!!!

Anyone have big plans for tomorrow?  We will be out on the lake soakin' up the sun... I can't wait!  You know, I could get used to working 2 days, taking a 1 day break & working another 2 days.  Really it's not that bad of a schedule if you think about it!

We had a very busy weekend!  Friday night we got to see where we're having our wedding reception & it made things sooo surreal!  With every new step we take towards marriage, I get so excited & look forward to it all more & more!

After getting my hair did & running a bunch of errands, we went to my Dad's house where he was throwing us an engagement party/cookout!  It was so sweet of him & he & his girlfriend did a great job!

Sunday was spent running around & hanging out with Matt's parents... aka my future in-laws!!!

Here's some pictures from our party Saturday night!
Hiedi, Moi, Chelle & Erin

Chelle & Erin & their boys!

Hiedi & Jeremy

My Aunt bought us these fun hats so it was a must that we wear them at our party!  They will be worn again!

Matt's parents, brother & sister-in-law... MY future in-laws!!!

Hollie & Roland

My girls Elizabeth & Hiedi

We finally get to be sister-in-laws!!!

My Maid of Honor, Hiedi!

Matt & I with my Dad!

Matt & I are so grateful to everyone that came & was a part of our special night!  We are so blessed to have the wonderful people in our lives that we do!

Here's to more fun times ahead & wedding planning!  Woo Hoo!!!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



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